THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE. For BIG Projects like the Tie Fighter i have use of a barn, this is the tour and how i made it.

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Welding Table- Also, use Discount code: FURZE to get 10%off

Mig Welder-

Pillar Drill-

Wood Saw-

Clamps and Magnets- Use Code FURZE22 for 10% off selected items.


Cordless Tools-


Plasma Table-

Plasma Cutter-

Belt Sander-


Slip Roll-

Virtical Bandsaw-


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38 Responses

  1. colinfurze says:

    Give yourself a big pat on the back as everyone of you watching my videos has made it possible for this to happen, but like i said the channel is not moving to this barn its just for the bigger stuff…….like building a car lift etc lol. Give the tool companies some love and get your Xmas Merch

  2. This Old Tony says:

    holy smokes what a great space you’ve put together! congrats! looking forward to seeing what you cook up in there!

  3. ben weston says:

    That’s going to be a massive tunnel project to link this workshop to the house.

    • Tony MacDonald says:

      @Mikey Garty Look at Elon, he makes the impossible late. 😛 There is a difference between missing a deadline and not delivering. And his timelines have been pretty much spot on for over a year now. But hey go on and keep hating. Sounds like a lovely existence.

    • Christopher S. says:

      @Tony MacDonald elon simp spotted. (you)

    • Mikey Garty says:

      @Tony MacDonald pretty sure he promised to put a man on Mars in 2021. He also said that by now cars would have full autonomy (they don’t). He also claims a car will be on the market by a certain year and only many years after will it ever release.

    • Tony MacDonald says:

      @neeko Just like he promised my Tesla would have FSD.. Oh wait, got that. Hmm maybe reusable rockets… Nope he did that. Boring co. Did that too. Hmm. that’s awkward… for you.

    • Grumpy One says:

      Any TBM manufacturers going to sponsor him😂

  4. Alec Steele says:

    Such an awesome workshop!!! 🎉

    • Zane Oberhelman says:

      @Tomas Yes definitely

    • Narinjas says:

      I just hope for an additional milling machine that rope the TOT Millenium Space-Time Driver MaHo.

    • leelad says:

      Norfolk to Lincolnshire is a crap but not insurmountable jolly Alec!! Done Hull to Dareham more than i’d like to talk about No excuses!!

    • Shadow Foam says:

      Feeling inspired to get organised @Alec 😅 if you are we would love to help… or maybe a swap… we have been saving scalpel blades for 10 years and have over 120,000! If you fancy making a knife from them we can organise all your tools whilst you forge the knife 🤙🤙

    • delia says:

      Was thinking of you when I watched this video! Just waiting for him to introduce a power hammer!

  5. C Bolt says:

    So many ‘youtubers’ would split this out in to a million videos. Appreciate you just smashing it in one. Also love the emphasis on home grown companies.

  6. Legally Free says:

    Colin: Now I have to respect this lathe
    Uses lathe to pull himself across the floor on a shipping pallet.
    Lathe: am I a joke to you?

  7. Adam Heywood says:

    Colin is a dude who grew and developed skills and focus, while never losing the imagination and wonder of a ten-year-old.

  8. RideThroughLife says:

    I have been watching this guy since he built the Wall of Death in a field, and then set it on fire. It blows my mind how many years it has been, and how far he has come. Congratulations on the new shop!

  9. Don Draper says:

    I give it 3 months before Colin decides to build his own space shuttle in the new workshop 😀 Congrats on your new space ❤

  10. doop00 says:

    A maker of your caliber deserves a workshop like that.

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