Building the Freedom Factory a GIANT Burnout/Drift Pad GRAND FINALE!!! (First Burnout Competition)

Building the Freedom Factory a GIANT Burnout/Drift Pad GRAND FINALE!!! (First Burnout Competition)

IT’S BURNOUT TIME BOYS!!!! Winner gets a boat… let’s see what happens!!!!!
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51 Responses

  1. That 14 Raptor says:

    Cleetus is the only youtuber that has held my attention for like 3 years. Keep ripping brother!!!

  2. Dave McDaniel says:

    I think coop’s mystery machine needs to have some old rods and pistons literally hanging outside the block. Like below the van doors so you can see them.

  3. Electrode says:

    I love when they’re all driving off the pad and the Mystery Machine’s drowning everything else out with its 1.3L engine

  4. Joshua Miles says:

    On the dozer:

    “Yeah im pretty decent at it now”

    2 mins later…

    “Yeah i hit it with the dozer by accident”


  5. Kyle Glen says:

    James after watching everyone else: hold my Mountain Dew

  6. NorrixxTV says:

    Cleeter: *has and explains the three rules for the burnout contest*
    Coop: “Freedom Factory, huh?”
    Cleeter: *damn*

    Edit: The redeye’s supercharger noise sounds *so goddamn good.*

    • James Last says:

      Coop needs a little more tire for the Mystery Machine to really impress the crowd and judges. The little cookie cutters are easily spun and don’t produce a lot of smoke. I was going to suggest tubbing the Mystery Machine but that might be a little too much for even that built rotary and it’s turbito. If he could just fit a Vette sized rear tire that would help, what are those 315s?

    • Callum Chisholm says:

      I hate FCA with a burning passion but even I can appreciate the beauty of that blower sound

    • Robert Beene says:

      @Callum Chisholm mopar or no car bruh

    • Colton Varnell says:

      He should give the boat t ok the mud truck and he should drag it into a big mud pit

    • Robert Beene says:

      @Callum Chisholm let me just say I like 90s mopar stuff I dont like new shit period

  7. Alexandre Vautrain says:

    James ‘s child : Daddy! How clouds are make?
    James : Hold my toolbox

  8. :: says:

    Its gonna look like asphalt in like a month

  9. John Doe says:

    _IF_ the boat is “water tight”, I can see James building that engine and throwing a major dose of NOS right off the boat ramp. Well, once the gubmint allows us to have fun again!

  10. whohungupmykitten says:

    Imagince going on that fresh concrete with all the color tires, would be art

    • otm646 says:

      I think pirelli did something similar and put it out as a poster, probably 10 years old, but I’ve got it kicking around somewhere.

  11. CR’s Louisiana BBQ and more says:

    Guys at the dragstrip: what is going on over there?

    “ just the good ol boys” starts playing!

  12. fredy gump says:

    The drag strip is like, “These new neighbors make way too much noise!”

  13. blueRC says:

    I thought Cleetus said that everyone had to wear a Helmet :O

  14. Willy Jimmy says:

    Mystery machine needs some weight over the rear axle and maybe a gear change to get the wheel speed up.

    • john cuervo says:

      You mean the speed of the vehicle?
      Those wheels are moving fast as fuck.
      Cleet should give toast to Cooper because the mystery machine was only funny as an idea

    • Zachariah John James Reagan says:

      Yeah… It was so weak it was sad lol

    • Zachariah John James Reagan says:

      @john cuervo obviously they aren’t moving fast enough to roast the tires…

  15. Gibson Garage says:

    James also deserves to win cuz he’s the only one that showed complete disregard for his motor LOL… the diesel blew up cuz it was tired

  16. Peter Soly says:

    This just in: Florida man wipes out all Corona virus in Florida with multi-colored tire smoke. Thanks for the entertainment, boys!

  17. StephenTimesTwo says:

    Everyone going into this “Hey Cleet we get a piece of that nitto sponsorship right?”

  18. TheHodgepodge says:

    “Why would you guys do burnouts all over this nice, pristine area of brand new concrete?”

    “…because it was too bright? Yeah, we’re doing it to save everyone’s vision! #realheroes”

  19. Eric Knabb says:

    When your new burnout pad makes a whole lineup of cars, including a monstrous mud truck, look like toy cars…you know ya did it right! Gawd damn bois!!! 🤙🤙🤙🤙

  20. danny ribeiro says:

    The freedom 500 had me laughin multiple times. from the audio constantly cutting out, to the buzzing sound at times, to the female voice in the background that clearly wasn’t meant to be heard. some video clips were missed due to not enough cameras. overall the realism was refreshing and not annoyed to be the $10

    • XLORDXSITHX Royal Miller says:

      Agreed. Shit quality but I loved it. And gave it the real deal I’m there feel. Best 15$ I’ve ever spent on a ppv and one of the most epic 2 hour period in my life. The unprofessional professional race of the century hands down.

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