Building the slinky machine

Building the slinky machine

Building the slinky escalator for never ending slinky stair traversal.

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20 Responses

  1. David Nutty says:

    I have always had this kind of thing in the back of my mind. So glad you
    made it! I also want to simulate a slinky from left hand to right and back
    with two blocks that oscillate …

  2. rcj1942 says:

    There are no words….
    Super impressive.

  3. Johnny Steen says:

    This is pretty awesome – I could imagine doing a project on some kind of
    closed-loop speed control with sensors to keep the slinky in just the right
    spot. I don’t think my advisor would approve of me spending time on that,

  4. Joepopa12 says:

    You could gear it… hah just saying.

  5. bszent says:

    So, um… Now what are you going to do with it?

  6. MrPopSOFT says:

    Столяр 89 уровня !!! 🙂 Получаю огромное удовольствие при просмотре видео
    от Матиаса

  7. joe satriani says:

    Dat Studio Ausoem !!

  8. Path Finder says:

    I was pressed “Like” button on 3.second lol

  9. Alex Van Nostrand says:

    The hand crank made this an awesome toy.

  10. Sarit K D says:

    I love your design…but expecting something more of run the
    escalator absolutely perpetual condition…I am suggesting a few may give a try…
    1. Put the shaft of the rotor on best/smoothest bearing available in the
    2. Attach some weight, may be a metal disc, each on the ends of the slink
    3. Adjust speed and then stop using external force when the escalator start
    running itself
    4. Change the material of the steps from wood to some lighter one, like
    plastics or adjust the weight of the metal disc to run the escalator

  11. John Bare says:

    Had a Slinky when I was a kid and I still love to watch them in my
    mid-70’s. I if I had had a revolving Slinky staircase back then I would
    still be sitting there gawking at that sucker mindlessly tumbling down the

  12. meetn2veg says:

    You’ve obviously got far too much time on your hands … thankfully!!


  13. Shruk says:

    1:49 – HAHAHAHAHA

  14. Tymon0000 says:

    I was waiting my whole life to see this!

  15. says:

    Next up, add sensors and a microcontroller to control a motor instead. :D

  16. gpctrs jr says:

    I admit that the build is a challenge, but what a useless machine.

  17. dpeagles says:

    Must be real boring in Canada this time of year.

  18. Josh Moss says:

    I was thinking you “Woodgear” it down.

  19. Josh Purple says:

    Completely LUV it !!!

  20. PonzLL says:

    I am cracking up, you’ve outdone yourself with this one LOL