Building the Ultimate PS4 Pro

Building the Ultimate PS4 Pro

Upgrading the PS4 Pro with some questionable tech.
Crucial MX300 SSD on Amazon:
Seagate Game Drive for PS4 on Amazon:
Dobe PS4 Pro cooler on Amazon:
Dobe PS4 Pro USB hub on Amazon:
G-STORY PS4 Pro monitor on Amazon:


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20 Responses

  1. Austin Evans says:

    Ken needs to be stopped. It’s for his own good.

  2. 2.0 delirious says:

    How many consoles do u have Austin

  3. A very cool channel says:

    count how many times Austin said “PS4 Pro’

  4. Sriram Yadavalli says:

    why, did YOU, buy the new apple watch, u aint hiding it my guy. I see that red dot

  5. legobudgie says:

    Its still a console…

  6. Jimmy V says:

    I tought it was the Ultimate Way To Waste Money?

  7. juniorzero0 says:

    Should’ve added the mouse, keyboard, and charger for controllers

  8. Commander Felo says:

    I only have a normal PS4 I envy the PS4 pro and all those accessories 😩😩😅😂😭

  9. DonkeykongIsYTPooping says:

    Next stop XBOX ONE X

  10. iLifestyle says:

    He decrescendo’s a lot in his voice

  11. The warrior says:

    Oh no ps4 fans and xbox fans please don’t start this SHIT.

  12. Bagoes budianto says:

    You can play a lot of games when you trip

  13. Tobias Christensen says:

    Building the Ultimate Nintendo switch / switch accessories.

  14. Everyday radish says:

    Or just buy a PC?!

  15. Ahsan Ahmedzai says:

    And then… Take the ultimate PS4 Pro and sell it and buy 2 Laptops 😀

  16. The Lassu says:

    I think you should have wrapped it and maybe use some kind of custom controller like Scuff too.

  17. ChuckTheDuck98 says:

    Build the Ultimate Nintendo Switch

  18. bob legura says:

    The PS4 is thicc as fuck.

  19. MichalPlays says:

    How about Building an ultimate ps3 fat 😉 I saw on your older videos that you already have one

  20. Mr. BONELESS says:

    I’m worried about Xbox scorpio now

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