Building the WORLDS FIRST PlayStation 5 slim

Building the WORLDS FIRST PlayStation 5 slim

The PlayStation 5 is a BIG console… let’s fix that! Also, visit if you’d like to customise your own PS5!

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Thanks to Alphacool for the watercooling parts!

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34 Responses

  1. Fix This Build That says:

    That custom copper water block is brilliant. You’ve outdone yourself making something so complex seem so simple. Awesome project, Matt!

    • HH says:

      Tbh MX4 thermal paste it will do the job even better since its water cooled now.

    • Christian Moreira says:

      @DIY Perks You always create great things that exceed expectations, but this time you created it is beautiful, but it is not what you promised at the beginning of the video, I have to be critical, sorry.

    • Vinker Doodles says:

      Seriously was not expecting that at all totally OP!!!

    • Joshua Gabriel says:

      @DIY Perks Maybe there’s a chance the frozen PS5 motherboard might still work, have you tried checking after this new video of yours ??

    • Denver Starkey says:

      @DIY Perks you need to do an update video in 3-6 months down the line letting folks know how the system is doing. cool vdieo even though i’m no fan of PS5 (or any consoles these days)

  2. Boosted Media says:

    Amazing work as always Matt! I felt the pain when things didn’t go as planned. You did a great job of conveying the human element here.

    Have to say I’m surprised overheating due to a blocked radiator was enough to cause permanent damage and not just a freeze or thermal cutoff. Did bridging the power circuitry perhaps inadvertently also bypass thermal cutoff?

    Were you able to do any further diagnostics on the board that failed?

    • Peter Newman says:

      It might have tripped an internal “fuse”. If I remember rightly, the XBox would do similar, resulting in (one of the kinds of) red ring of death, and had a process to reset it intended for internal maintenance personnel only.

    • concinnus says:

      When he said “bridging” it was always thermal. There be any shorts. The thermal cutoff should be managed by the SoC dropping clocks, it has nothing to do with the PSU or power switch.

    • L says:

      yeah, it’s weird that there isn’t some functionality like PC’s bios to shutdown if the processor gets overheat. I guess some other component that was burnt and the board is not totally dead.

  3. Cheng Teoh says:

    Can’t wait to pay 100% over retail price for a PS5 slim on ebay. 🤣

    • Apon Techy says:

      So what’s the problem with that?

    • Sboink The Leg Day says:

      for real though, including a general use soundbar and liquid cooling to PS6 could help sony DOMINATE the home gaming space and be their next “DVD player included”. Yes, make it 6 x 6 x 40 inches. With lots of i/o and replaceable, silent fans in their dozen, carefully monitored through software to warn you if they are getting worn out or clogged with dust. The position before the TV set would make them great at avoiding dust, and being single-solution for audio the cooling noise would always be outmatched by the game audio. It could even regulate a special low energy “silent mode” for just watching a suspenseful movie.

      And one thing I’M starving for, is the option to untether the computing from a specific monitor, and the pain of sound going through HDMI to whatever dinky audio comes with the multimedia system. A soundbar PS6 could even have portable options because it would be easy to carry upright, and the low power mode could even work off of a battery and a solid state memory. It could have this aesthetic of a katana in a sheath, which comes off halfway to enable the “full power mode” and expose the fans and i/o, but be portable when fully sheathed to protect from dust and sand and all kinds of grime, to be this ghetto blaster. The controller could have a tiny monitor for portable games and have this, one-handed fishing rod shape. The wakizashi to the katana.

      This all from the inspiration this video sparked in me. I’ve come a long way from “Just mount a regular PS5 onto the wall behind the TV, with an intention to never be seen 😏”.

    • Sboink The Leg Day says:

      Just mount a regular PS5 onto the wall behind the TV, with an intention to never be seen 😏
      Invisib-slim PS5.

    • Thirtythree Eyes says:

      I bet this thing would easily go for over 10k

  4. Make Something says:

    That was a wild ride! So cool it worked out!

  5. Ebrahim Seedat says:

    Matt is such a genuine guy. Absolutely brilliant and tries hard to push the limits of DIY. Makes you wanna be his Patreon supporter and support the video sponsor as well just from the inspiration and wholesomeness of his videos and persona.

  6. TronicsFix says:

    Wow, this was a crazy project. Very cool end result!

    • Darkness says:

      Wat amazes me is that somehow the ps5 killed itself because of overheating. Normally there have to be thermal protection in place that shuts down or throttle hard. Or is this a case of some components that are not temp monitored and resulting in break down of those components?

    • Albert Naranjo says:

      Wow… @TronicsFix I was thinking about you when watching this and considered sending it to you to see.

    • nnn nnn says:

      Everything to advertise dbrand. World is stupid.

    • Sparty says:

      let him send you the broken ps5 we need the video ahah (and then he maybe will be able to send back the dbrand ps5 hopefully)

  7. CPPC Tech says:

    I love seeing people do hardware mods again! Oh man I miss doing this. Back in the early 2000s I was one of the og guys who started doing Dreamcast hardware mods I miss the good old days. This is such a work of art! Good job m8

    • Text me+①(②⑤②) ③⑦⑨-①①⑤⑤ says:

      You are my lucky⬆️ commenter winner for today 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁…

  8. LegendBegins says:

    I think it’s a very cool project. Main feedback from me is that the cooling is a little bit of a cheaty solution. You could also put the PS5 itself behind your TV and wire up an IO box that you sit on your desk for the same effect in a smaller profile.

  9. Marvin Allen says:

    Thank you for keeping your frustration in the video. I know it’s not fun getting to that point. I feel like most people get lost in the fast pace of these videos, and loose sight on the reality and scope of some projects. Sometimes we make mistakes or fail. Not loosing hope and powering through tough moments is something this world needs to see more of. Thank you and keep up the awesome work!

    • srtghfnbfg says:

      I’ve also enjoyed the fact he didn’t hide the mistakes, makes us relate much more as it’s quite prevalent in DIY projects

    • Text me+①(②⑤②) ③⑦⑨-①①⑤⑤ says:

      You are my lucky⬆️ commenter winner for today 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁……

  10. Paul Brooks says:

    Amazing—and be sure to have the radiator above the unit. The fluid will diffuse through the tube material and evaporate over time. This will introduce air, which will go to the highest point in the system. If the water channel is the highest point, it will become less effective and noisier.

    • Platypi007 says:

      I’m assuming that’s why he’s designed it to mount to the wall rather than sit on the floor because I can’t imagine why else you’d want it mounted to the wall as long as you put the intake and exhaust for the radiator on the sides, or sides for intake/top for exhaust.

    • Eric D. says:

      Technically, it would be better to say “This will create air pockets”, as it introduces nothing into the system… but you are right and I do think DIY Perks knows about this… at least, I hope so.

    • Eric D. says:

      @heretustay its common knowledge for most technicians and engineers….. tech jesus … yikes

    • Rudra Patel says:


    • heretustay says:

      another lesson brought to us by Tech Jesus at Gamers Nexus 🙏

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