Bulldog Can’t See, But Then…….

Bulldog Can’t See, But Then…….

Dude… this dude is a cool dude.

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Music: by the band “Ruth”. Ruth has given express written permission for the use of these songs in Vet Ranch videos.

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20 Responses

  1. Vet Ranch says:

    Thanks for the love and support!!! PS, who loves bulldogs!?!?!?!?!

  2. cyndy loguercio says:

    that’s crazy! those dogs are in such high demand! I just don’t get it! perfectly beautiful boy and people would rather pay 1000.00 or more while he sits there homeless! crazy, he won’t be for long!

  3. Laina Raina says:

    I don’t know why I always make the mistake of eating when I watch these….

  4. AceOf Spades says:

    If you don’t want to send in money because you can’t afford it, but want to help the cause just fully watch the ads. For the ad revenue

  5. David Branas says:

    he’s high asf thats why you can’t see his eyes

  6. xMiles You says:

    But then….



  7. ChrisHallett83 says:

    “purebred” dogs are so completely messed up these days, I can’t believe it. We’ve bred them to the point of genetic collapse.

  8. ALS says:

    its an olde english bulldog not an american (they are much taller, most famous one is from homeward bound) . he could be a cross between an american bulldog and an english bulldog but i bet he’s an olde english.

  9. palo says:

    for the people commenting on how bulldogs are awful because of selective breeding and inbreeding, and how you should get a mutt, I would normally agree with you. buying purebreds _is_ bad for all kinds of reasons.
    however, any dog escaping homelessness is fine by me.

  10. Mitchell H says:

    Re-VISION surgery?
    Thought about this everytime Matt said it XD

  11. Zombie Potato says:

    loved it when you guys were talking and because he cant se very well he was like what the fuck are the voices.

  12. Mahari Wynn13 says:

    Where did you shoot the ending of this video? It’s in many other videos as well. Is it the back of the clinic?

  13. Nikki Whyte says:

    Let’s be honest,…
    How many people watch this for Matt?? ???

    Jk totally not me, I actually love these videos and want to become a vet hopefully when I get older

  14. Henri B. says:

    He looks like my grandpa ….

  15. Aloha SnackBar says:

    This is the only channel I don’t skip ads on.

  16. Eric Blair says:

    If I worked at Vet Ranch I would save all the discarded dog parts and make a frankendog.

  17. Andeavor says:

    Maybe if I pretend to be a homeless dog I’d get free eye surgery too. … Woof?

  18. Nilos says:

    Wait a minute, this is the same dude from demolition ranch? He’s a veterinary surgeon?

  19. Julia Granados says:

    Wait… wait… wait… a second. So he’s a homeless dog, but he sits when the man told him to sit. WOWWWW Im so fukin impressed. ?

  20. Decoydoedoe Gaming says:

    The dog is just Asian

    I’m joking for those how don’t know how to take a joke

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