Bullied Teen Gets Sweet Surprise at New High School

Bullied Teen Gets Sweet Surprise at New High School

A 15-year-old Tennessee boy was surprised with gifts from his classmates after they learned he’d been bullied. Azzy Robinson was the target of bullying a few years ago and it tore him apart. “[It] made me feel like I was worthless and didn’t really mean anything to anyone,” Robinson told Inside Edition. His mom said Azzy became “reclusive and would sleep all the time.” But when Azzy switched schools, his new classmates wanted to do something nice for him, so they surprised him with presents.

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32 Responses

  1. Love Emerance says:

    Never Stop Your Dreams.Dont Quit I Love Azzi.

  2. The fake Justin Y. says:

    ” Almost proud to be me ”
    I need this guy to be happy

  3. African Girl says:

    aw. he’s cute with all wild hair!
    i like n this made me cry! ??

  4. Batto Otoko says:

    0:26 wait did that guy just flexed air pods? Lmao.

  5. Hardcore Halo says:

    God bless you Azzy. No one deserves to be bullied.

  6. Batto Otoko says:

    Everyone we have an announcement to make –


  7. Life With Carshia says:

    Aww God bless this great kid???And also the kids that were nice to him?

  8. Awoke! Awoke! says:

    I’m in tears….this is what school is ABOUT…..you kids rock!!!

  9. Lindsay K says:

    Its good to finally see something good happening in the news!

  10. TheGamer says:

    I bet the bully’s wish they didn’t bully him now.

  11. Laura Guerrero says:

    ?❤️ why can’t this be the norm and bullies be a thing of the past ?? wouldn’t that be just wonderful ??

  12. Junito Punto Comm says:

    They Probably Stopped a SUICIDE !! ??

  13. ThiccHicc says:

    Oh my god, what a sweet kid! Anyone who bullies this kid deserves to get punched in the face.

  14. nobody cares says:

    i’m crying ??that is so sweet. i hope he doesn’t have to go through bullying EVER AGAIN.

  15. Alexis Farias says:

    It tore my heart when he said “I feel almost proud to be me for once”

  16. Mr. Tattoo ASMR says:

    I know what it feels like to be bullied.
    Something like this can change everything.

  17. Uchiha Madara says:

    Everyone I have a announcement to make!


  18. Vickie Finney says:

    Aww there parents should be proud having children like that.

  19. Regina Chu says:

    He must be a very depressing dude. “Almost proud to be me” Me too kid. Me too

  20. The Roblox Santa Claus says:

    *while kids at his old school feel bad*
    He’s probably the popular kid now ?

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