Bulls Steal Game 1! Sad News for Isaiah Thomas – Bulls vs Celtics

Bulls Steal Game 1! Sad News for Isaiah Thomas – Bulls vs Celtics

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20 Responses

  1. Ciaran Boland says:

    Rip Chyna

  2. Rowen Mallare says:

    RIP Chyna Thomas #prayers


    that’s fucked up how the media was recording him mourning imo

  4. Danang Dwiatma says:

    Condolences to IT
    the bulls played harder than the celtics tho
    Boston should’ve traded for Jimmy Butler at trade deadline

  5. Lavar Ball says:

    All my boys will be #1 overall

  6. The mango king says:

    I feel sorry for Isiah

  7. James Harden says:


  8. WubstepTurtle says:

    pray for my man isaiah

  9. KiingTay says:

    R.I.P Chyna Thomas

  10. S says:

    Bulls in 6, Wade going off for the next few games.

  11. raiy0 says:

    Everyone who has a sibling, knows how hard it must be for him. Stay strong bro, she is watching you!

  12. Dominick Collis says:

    its hard to be a bulls fan coz you want the bulls to beat the Celtics but thats just gonna crush Isaiah even more #seered

  13. Lokolokong Poknat says:

    warriors will blow a 3-1 lead

  14. TheGamerGaly says:

    RIP Chyna Thomas

  15. kevo pm says:

    Prayers To Isaiah Thomas ?

  16. 3 hunna says:

    the media is so fucked up for recording him crying

  17. Enoch Chow says:

    The Celtics needed Chris Smoove Myplayer and Justice

  18. KingDeVotion says:

    Celtics in 5 and suck a nut to those disrespecting IT’s sister you heartless fucks..

  19. decaine97 says:

    Celtics need to control the glass. I’m sick and tired of seeing Robin Lopez snagging everything and getting 2nd chance points just cause Horford can’t box him out ..

  20. J Racks says:

    “Steal Game 1”. We didn’t steal shit, we played better than them. Don’t underestimate the Bulls

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