Bumblebee (2018) – New Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

Bumblebee (2018) – New Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

Every hero has a beginning. Watch the new official trailer for #BumblebeeMovie, in theatres this Christmas.

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On the run in the year 1987, Bumblebee finds refuge in a junkyard in a small Californian beach town. Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), on the cusp of turning 18 and trying to find her place in the world, discovers Bumblebee, battle-scarred and broken. When Charlie revives him, she quickly learns this is no ordinary, yellow VW bug.

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67 Responses

  1. Ian Garrett says:



    Michael Bay should have NEVER gotten is slimy hands on the Transformers franchise!!!!

  2. GhostGon says:

    Flims producers:
    -I will choose Starscream for be the villain
    -Why don’t use both

  3. The Comic 27 says:

    I was startled when I saw Optimus
    I was happy when I saw Shockwave

  4. Hiro Reí says:

    So that’s how Transformers looks without explosions

  5. Oivatank says:

    1:27 Classic Shockwave?! Take my money!

  6. Hassan Rao says:

    G1 Look. This movie could save the Transformers Franchise

    • JaybayJay says:

      Here, this is one of the quickscripts I was telling ya’ll about.. It’s basically what I would like to see from the next Transformers movies, and I very much hope it’s G1 inspired because the first two seasons and the movie were the best part of the series, and towards its’ conclusion.. Warning.. Reading this is a little long to some people, not so much for others.. let me know what you think,. Since they didn’t tell the story right the first time, the can start with the Truth..

      It was Optimus who sought to find an abundant energy to defeat the growing Decepticons with Cybertron ravaged. I would start with the war on Cybertron and Optimus taking a large team of autobots with him and leaving Magnus behind to hold in his absence. Soundwave finds out through Lazerbeak and Mega gets a ship and follows, they fight, they crash land on Earth and go into suspension. Back on Cybertron a system deep within tracks the Matrix of Leadership leaving and Cybertron falls into a lower power standby while the planet slowly repairs itself with what energy it has which all fans know is Primus…

      On Earth millions of years pass and Teletram One is woken by a Volcano’s activity, which starts repairing Megatron and Optimus. Once awoken, to weakened to battle, Optimus allows teletram to awaken the rest of the autobots and decepticons, an act that will haunt him. Key is the original line up of Autobots and Decepticons including their mannerism, and powers.. Like Mirage vanishing, and Jazz using music as a weapon in the form of sound-waves.. And yes, miniaturization like how Megatron transforms into a smaller gun with tons of power. After the Decepticons wake they retreat with the Autobots to weak to follow Prime sends a less weakened hound and cliffjumper to follow, observe, but not reveal or engage.. Of course Cj doesn’t listen because an oil structure in the desert is being attacked for Energon, the Decepticons desperate to feed. Cj attacks MT against Hounds advice and creates enough distraction to rescue the humans. Spike, walking through the desert runs to the flames fearing for his father meets with Ravage who terrorizes him until Bumblebee shows up with Ironhide and fends him off, rescuing him and assisting the others at the Rig. After the Decepticons get their fill they retreat again with more and more Autobots showing up. As the D’s leave the Ab’s begin to return to base and are stopped by the intriguing little beings that are quite vocal. Listening they detect intelligence in the communications and Jazz begins picking up their frequencies and learns the Earth’s languages, and quickly teaches it to them in a series of high pitched sounds.. Then they speak to the humans who are demanding answers, to which they give..

      Daniel Sparkplug Witwicky thanks the Autobots for the save, and tells the Autobots if everything they said was true, they’re going to need his help explaining that humans can be rash, and the situation needed to be handled delicately. They return to Base and Optimus greets the humans and tells Hound and Cj to re energize from the generator WheelJack created to harness Geothermal energy from the Volcano. Learning of the UN, Optimus wants to go, but spike cautions he send a smaller bot as a large truck will set of warning flares.. He suggest sending BumbleBee, a smaller, less intimidating bot who takes it personally the quip about his size when Sparkplug assures him it wasn’t meant as an insult, but a compliment. So Optimus sends them right away. They go to the UN but none will listen to Dan and Spike, so an impatient Bumblebee transforms outside and enters the UN to everyone’s shock, guards draw down on him as he ignores them and makes his way past them to the front desk where Dan and Spike are and state to the woman behind the counter that they have information vital to the survival of the human race. With that she calls her bosses, and eventually people begin to listen and BumbleBee is allowed to take the floor, and fills them in and asks the Earth’s armies not try to take them on alone, he gives them the coordinates to the Autobot headquarters. After hours of questions and demonstrations of Transforming from the council and reporters, the leave to return to the desert.. getting close to the base Spike say’s “I think that went well,” to find a small army around the mountain..

      Optimus comes out with the team and IronHide yells “Training exercise!” and launches out at them with a loud cheer, followed by the other autobots, switching to nervous soldiers we watch as he gets closer and they stop. He loudly introduces himself as does the rest of the G1 lineup and Bumblebee transforms to the soldiers stunned looks and joins them in his intro. “General, our leader Optimus is ahead waiting for you,” Ironhide says as he gets to questioning the humans and their weaponry pointing out what will work and what won’t. The general takes Dan and Spike to the Base and meet Optimus. As they talk were treated to a Montague of the Autobots playing with the army like they were toy dolls themselves, and then a darker Montague of the Decepticons lineup intro’s secretly stealing technology and resources to build something. Optimus talks with the Gen. about life before the War and the burdens of duty which the Gen. totally identifies with. The gen. asks if it’s really bad, and Prime admits he needs Earth’s abundant renewable resources to win the war, but Megatron would leave Earth completely stripped of life, and energy.

      Through the rest of act 2 we see autobots in comical situations throughout the cities having fun, and people’s stunned reactions.. Like the race car autobots joining an actual race and dominating, having fun, spinning out, driving backwards.. The main focus of my story is Transformers with Humans, not a humans and Tf’s here and there.. Nope.. The Tf’s are central to my Tf movies.. There a scene where Sideswipe parks in a run down area observing criminal behavior a little fascinated by it, and he gets stolen so he ends up having fun with his thief and turns out he’s a good kid that being forced to steal it from the gang so Sideswipe gets them all arrested, and makes friends with the teen. There another scene when the shit goes down and the Police Chief needs to get back to command, and Prowl gives him a ride scaring the hell out of him leaving him queasy as he gets out..

      Act III deals with the first full scale attack by the G1 ep 1 lineup of Decepticons, and the Autobot retaliation.. Megatron evokes an ancient Cybertronian law and wants to fight for the planet, honorable Optimus agree’s but it was all a ruse, Megatron wanted more time to complete his machine, the space bridge linking Earth to Cybertron. With it’s activation another pitch battle is fought at the site of the machine as the world stir’s at it’s activation.. Tidal waves begin to form and head towards land. The Autobot’s defeat the Decepticon’s with Dan and Spike’s help assisted by the military, shut down the Space bridge and Optimus throws Megatron into the bridge as it closes with it’s shipment of Energon. Starscream, now acting leader orders a retreat. The earth settles and everything is still again.

      Wrapping up a soldier asks the Gen. do we destroy it? He’s about to order it, when Optimus stops him. “We need every asset,” he says. “In my haste I sent Megatron to Cybertron. I fear I have done Magnus a dishonor, something I mean to rectify. Can you adjust the bridge to be harmless in Earth’s atmosphere WJ?” Studying it WJ says it’s possible, he would need time to study the equation in detail with Perceptor and Ratchet. “General, I suggest we establish a defensive establishment to maintain the security of the Space Bridge.” “You want us to build a base?” “We will help you build it. We must be ready. No repairs on the SB until you’ve found a way to make it safe, and set explosives in case they find a way to open it on the other end.”

      Just before the end credits we see a scene of the world being righted and the Autobots openly helping fix the damages caused, while the Decepticons find and begin repairing their ship deep in the ocean.

      Mid credit’s scene.. Back on Cybertron all is still until the space bridge opens revealing Megatron with a large supply of Energon Cubes. Taking two he finds Shockwave close by after building the Space bridge on this end, and feeds him draining the cube very little but fully energizing SW who stretches out himself sinisterly, Megatron hands him a one of his two cubes and orders him to follow him and feed the others.. Returning with a 10 to 20 Decepticons Megatron finds the pile of Energon cubes, a good portion of them are missing..

      After credits scene. The space bridge’s activation changed everything.. In the glaciers of the North Pole ice cracked, shattered, and compressed creating mountains of ice.. In the Canadian artic outpost, workers are documenting the changes when a soldier enters the CC and loudly declares, “Sir! You need to see this!” and everyone stops and they begin to follow him. At a quick pace he takes them to the ice shelf near a sea of jagged ice and a very large one jutted upward from the earth and inside you can see a large Cybertronian ship, Jetfire.

    • Vin Wolf says:

      I pray to GOD this is some kind of reboot

    • The K says:

      Lol never said anything was wrong with G1 next time maybe you should actually read what I put. “And of course he’s not gonna to look exactly like his G1 charter” umm no that’s bs since shockwave and soundwave do so they can of course can make bumblebee look exactly like G1 easy.
      “It’s the original story” bro do you actually know anything about transformers

    • Bread Blunt says:

      Or possibly start a N E W one thats better

    • 6ix Gođ says:


  7. jason garza says:

    Oh this is just the beginning I can feel it. Transformers fans around the world are happier than they’ve ever been because the franchise is getting rebooted once more to make a staple. Transformers will never die…

  8. Gearoid Mc Naught says:

    I still like the Michael Bay movies a lot but seeing the Transformers in G1 style is gonna make this movie EPIC!!!!!

  9. Roberto Nice says:

    *Transform* like a butterfly,
    Sting like a *Bumble Bee!*

  10. El pepe says:

    When you make a transformers movie without Michael Bay directing it.

  11. Alex says:

    Those Cybertron scenes look like they were taken right out of Fall of Cybertron.

  12. Nath says:

    Me: Yeah! First transformer movie
    Friend: it should be six
    Me: It is FIRST.

    Friend: …

    Me: First

  13. Darth Bombad says:

    Finally! they actually look like Transformers. Why was that so hard?.

  14. sw guardian says:

    1:27 G1 Shockwave make me cry , oh my god i’m soooo happy right now

  15. Jackie Chang says:

    1:27 Holy shit Shockwave and Soundwave look awesome

  16. ShyPoke says:

    Jesus did Bay screw up T5 so badly that they decided to just reboot the whole franchise?

    Because I am TOTALLY okay with that.

  17. Autopia Alana Lewis says:

    Now THIS is a director who gets it. He grew up on the original Transformers and thus understands what MOST (not all) fans want.???

  18. A Starwave says:

    01:28 You could bet I said “Puta merda!” (“Holy shit!”) when I saw this G1 Shockwave

    You would win

  19. Jack Woelper says:

    A female character not filmed in a sexual way?!?!?!?!?!??!? Micheal Bay does not approve.

  20. LazerzZ says:

    This really is how transformers in movie form should’ve looked, that shot of Cybertron was fantastic. None of this intricate modern design crap, just straight up transformers looking like transformers nice simplistic designs with bright colours

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