Bumblebee (2018) – Official Teaser Trailer – Paramount Pictures

Bumblebee (2018) – Official Teaser Trailer – Paramount Pictures

Every adventure has a beginning. Watch the official teaser trailer for Bumblebee, starring Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena. Directed by Travis Knight. #BumblebeeMovie hits theatres this Christmas.

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82 Responses

  1. Adrian Patron says:

    *They said John Cena was in the trailer, but i can’t see him*

  2. Ganesh. Majety says:

    Tony- Tell me the name.
    Gamora- Bumblebee.

  3. Overlord says:

    I like this approach to a Transformers movie. Less Transformers, less combat, less explosions, more story and heart. I think this’ll be good since the focus doesn’t seem to be one dozens of giants robots killing each other and instead on Bumblebee’s relationship with the girl.

    • okamilover99999 says:

      Michael Jazz

    • darockk says:

      Overlord what the hell u on about? how can u tell anything about the story from this 2 minute trailer? this is what i see: only TWO transformers. same old military. same story about a teen getting their first car. bumblebee with boobies. im just laughing at all the people saying how awesome this trailer looks compared to the previous movies when really they are just Michael Bay haters so they would lap up anything without his name on it.

    • okamilover99999 says:

      darockk Sigh. Oh, buddy…

    • Keila Fleischbein says:

      “Less trabsformers less combat less exosions”

      Wait, what do you mean less? We want more transformers in a transformers movie. One of the main issues with the original movie is that it just focuses on meagan’s boobs, Sam, and sam’s godawfully cringe family. None of those things are transformers.

      Im hoping this movie focuses on bots, and tries to avoid getting human characters, especially intentionally lame human characters involved.

    • Nate Corwin says:

      There probably will be some robots dying though

  4. Sammy B Videography says:

    I’m in!!! 😀
    If there’s as much heart in the film as there is in this trailer, this is going to do well. Really well!

  5. mark hastings says:

    I love the way they design Bee to be so simple. Also starscreen (I think) looks like the original from TV

  6. UltraPrimal says:

    I actually cried the first time I watched this because this is the first Transformers movie that actually looks like a real movie and not a dumb spoof.

    The late Bernie Mac’s line from the first movie. Sadly, one of the better lines in that movie. Very manipulative using a dead person to try and draw out emotion from your viewer.

    I like how you can see robot parts in vehicle mode. Just like the toy. And honestly, just like it should be. These are robots in disguise. Disguises shouldn’t be perfect. In the first movie when Mikaela opened up Bee’s hood, she shouldn’t have found some fancy engine. No, it should have been some kind of alien mass of machinery that becomes Bee’s chest. Likewise, I like how when we see Bee in robot mode, he still has those iconic VW Beetle headlights on his chest. Could be better, but it seems to be a step in the right direction.

    However, I don’t like how in this same trailer we’re already seeing another body for Bee. Just let him keep this body throughout the movie. And then at the end, if you want to link it to the first one, then have him scan that old Camero. This makes me think this movie is just going to be a 100% retread of the first movie like The Force Awakens did with A New Hope. “Well, we need to have him scan another car because that worked in the first movie”. Although, at least the other body he gets seems to at least attempt to give him something like his signature G1 horns rather than those antenna flaps he usually has.

    And most of all, I love that Starscream finally looks like Starscream and not just a giant grey Dorito! He has some color! He has a face! He has his signatures wings on his back in robot mode! I love him! I want to see more! This is how he should have looked from the beginning! Yeah, he may not be an F-15. He looks to be some kind of harrier or something. But I’ll take what I can get.

    I also appreciate the lack of Bay-splosions, Bay-humor, and general Bay-ness. God knows if this was a Michael Bay film, there probably would have been a “joke” when our female protagonist checks underneath Bee, there would probably have been some metal robot balls hanging there. Probably a dick too. And Bay would have made her rub it not knowing what it is until Bee jizzes lubricant all over her face. Honestly, that’s the kind of crass, Scary Movie style “humor” I’d expect in a Michael Bay film.

    • Elwin Bu says:

      UltraPrimal I agree the previous movies tried too hard but this movie kinda has the natural feel to it from the trailer

    • hanyoukimura says:

      I do find it curious they chose an F-4 Phantom instead of of Starscream’s iconic F-15 alt mode, but regardless when I saw the colors, the shape, and an actual face, all was more than forgiven.

      Hopefully this movie will ton down the `MUERICA flags and product placement too. I’m loving the tone set by the trailer so far.

    • Darah T says:

      I myself am not a fan of seeing robot parts in vehicle mode. Subtly, sure, but not a big piece lol. Since they are entirely made up of programmable matter, each atom of their body turns into something else in robot / vehicle mode. Which is why we never see any seats/leather, or a lot of glass in robot mode

    • Ricky Loves You says:

      UltraPrimal bro you wrote the first chapter of a novel. Maybe make a blog or something.

    • AnotherBot:D says:

      darockk Look at the Marvel Approach. Each character gettings its own movie allows for cgaracter development and for people to get attached to the character

  7. Brick Origins says:

    1:47 why is there a floating military outfit and rifle?

  8. Kenneth Smotherman says:

    Did anybody else see John Cena or am I tripping.

  9. Vapid says:

    I will watch this movie only for Hailee

  10. Joby George says:

    Michael bay finally did what the fans wanted ie to step out and make another person direct it

  11. Hunter says:

    Remove Micheal Bay = instantly a better movie!!
    Actually pretty excited for this!!

  12. Ebenezer Bhaskaran says:

    Fun isn’t something one considers when expecting a transformers film, but this does put a smile of glee on my face

  13. Joby George says:

    it looks weird without explosions and cities getting destroyed

  14. Joby George says:

    John looks like Mark wahlberg in the teaser. i guess most people couldn’t see him

  15. Cyranek says:

    “I won’t hurt you.” yeah of course you won’t he’s a two ton metal giant

  16. Wrestling Reality says:

    John Cena @ 1:47
    Hit Like For John Cena 👍

  17. ren ind says:

    John Cena already broke Nikki Bella’s Heart now he is going after Hailee’s Bumblebee

  18. Zakir Sheriff says:

    Looks like this will give a new face to transformers!

  19. Hunter says:

    *Bee I don’t feel so good*

  20. Zono says:

    What’s this? A good transformers movie?

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