Bumper Buddy in action!

Bumper Buddy in action!

Our dog Buddy has become blind because of cataracts. My fiancé has made him this homemade bumper harness inspired by other designs so that he can confidently walk around the house without hurting himself!

To do it yourself, check the Reddit post below.

For pre-made versions for your pets, see


I know it’s not the best video shot, haha, just a lot of people were asking to see it!


Original Reddit Post from my fiancé:

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19 Responses

  1. Rita Hanne says:

    Good idea!

  2. maulena s says:

    That’s awesome !!!

  3. nendo ogura says:


  4. Dhany Pribadi says:

    love this

  5. Toby Drake says:

    Love this.

  6. Drakekax says:

    Thank you for believe on him. He deserves it. I love you guys <3 .

  7. Most Watched Today says:

    Blind Chihuahua tests out brilliant ‘Buddy Bumper’ that his humans invented
    for him: mostwatchedtoday.com/?p=29444

  8. Angelm Novoa says:

    Idk why anyonee will dislike this its so awesome I love ddogs

  9. elly D says:

    You defo need to get this patented or however its spelt sorry. Just sheer
    brilliance, id defo get one if available if my dog was to ever go blind.
    Great job guys x

  10. Adam Andrade says:

    I need one for my dog she has this problem, she hits everything and
    sometimes can find her way back in side from using the restroom

  11. yyjpyy says:


  12. Marian Ln says:


  13. Flo Fontanella says:

    Please make one for my mom’s Poodle and sale it to me!

  14. Edson Rodrigues says:

    Se for proprietário de um cão cego, você vai adorar esta invenção. Sendo
    dono de um cachorro cego, a responsabilidade com animal é enorme, já que
    ele tem que ser vigiado a todo instante, para ficar certo de que ele não
    ficará ferido.
    O vídeo abaixo, mostra como a invenção feita pelo seus donos, ajudou muito
    Buddy, o cachorrinho que perdeu sua visão. Com ela, o animal conseguiu
    andar com segurança pela casa. Veja:

  15. C Prabha says:

    Best and inspiring!

  16. ShadowNinja123 says:

    cAn i copeh the Vid?

  17. Hevvur says:

    How fantastic! <3

  18. CharDucko says:


  19. Tm Divo says:

    That’s amazing that you are giving this dog some quality of life back.

    I have a 6yr old Cocker that has gone blind in the past 2 yrs. He knows
    every inch of the house and can navigate the yard. If he is off just a
    little, he will run into furniture and walls. But animals are amazing the
    way they adapt.

    Jordan, you have a genius for a future Husband!!