Bungie ViDoc – Season of the Drifter

Bungie ViDoc – Season of the Drifter

As a new season of Destiny begins, developers from Bungie are back on the record about how our shared adventure is about to evolve again. The Drifter is back with a new way to play Gambit, along with a full calendar of new challenges to make your Guardian more powerful. Learn more about Season of the Drifter on Bungie.net. https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/47648

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70 Responses

  1. RedFlameSaurus says:

    Do we talk??? PLEASE SAY WE TALK! PLEASE its annoying. We talked in d1 but not really at all in d2

  2. Don Boscorelli says:

    Splitting from Activision is going to do wonders for this franchise.

    • Nation X says:

      go neck yourself

    • Distinctly - ST MD - Average says:

      New Destiny 2 pricing structure:

      All main dlc is now $70
      Season pass is $50
      Annual pass will be $40

      All Eververse purchases, including silver, are being increased by 25% for the same quantities.

      To log into Destiny 2, you must pay $2.

      To leave the tower using the director, another $2.

      All exotic quests now have a credit card reader terminal as the final step. Please have your credit or debit card ready.

    • Jesperino Norsk Youtube Stuff says:

      Distinctly – ST MD – Average ok

    • AnotherKS says:

      Don Boscorelli Feel like it’s too late

    • Berci__ F says:

      AnotherKS for real

  3. dylan gross says:

    Thanks Anthem. You rekindled my love for Destiny.

    • sharkygotfinnz envyus1 says:

      +RygalKirisame what console are you

    • シン says:

      I think anthem is not that bad,gameplay Won’t get boring,it has potential,if with more map and game mod (explore and flying is also fun)
      I stop playing D2 since complete all raid and all black weapon,it’s getting boring …D1 ‘s raid ,strike is so fun, and a lot thing to do
      I wish this DLC would be fun (but no raid …)if they stop powerlevel so much is better ~

    • Knights of the Nine says:

      Ya me too

    • Raphael Sena says:

      The Division 2 will kill both, massive content.

    • Berci__ F says:

      lmao do yall rly buy trash fucking shit like Anthem? yall the ones ruining the industry by paying for these soulless cashgrabs

  4. Phoenixx says:

    Looks interesting, also found it funny that the drifter just has a stargate sitting around in his giant ice ball. I will defiantly try it out when it releases.

  5. piloctor15 says:

    whelp… anthem was fun while it lasted LMAO

  6. NPC #76 says:

    “Bungie controlled destiny” says it all! Brilliant

  7. Skull says:

    Me: Oh there’s no raid in this expansion this is probably gonna suck then.



  8. MQN says:

    now that Activision is out
    I’m excited to see Bungie be good again

    “Bungie-controlled Destiny” <3

  9. Bob is True says:

    It’s Mastercheif! Fellow Vex flee this timeline! Now!

  10. Oleg Klishevych says:

    6:28 top left corner, pick up your damn heavy ammo box lady!!

  11. Teksis says:

    @1:10 Ryan is wearing a SRL shirt… COULD IT BE COMING IN THE SPRING EVENT?!!!

  12. Prasoon Singh says:

    I’m excited for what Destiny is going to be without Activision. I’m hyped!

  13. Weyloran says:

    One of the dudes was wearing an SRL shirt…


  14. Armando Garza says:

    “Bungie controlled Destiny” damn straight

  15. TheSecretSpartanSquad says:


    Bungie: here ya go

  16. Galaxy Seven 7 says:

    I’ve been playing Destiny since Destiny 1, day 1, and i can sy without a doubt… THIS IS AWSOME!!!

  17. Madara L Uchiha says:

    They look happier and the dlc looks more badass and more unique

  18. Lord Zaphkiel says:

    They call it a sentry, I called it being a block buster lol.

  19. Jake Takeshita says:

    Bungie and Destiny just Punched BioWare and Anthem in the Mouth!

  20. DELUXO says:

    Everyone : we want thorn!
    Me : i want that game cards to be a minigame pls

    • Xavier Lesane says:

      Honestly I’d be fine playing a card game and just listening to drifters soothing voice tell me stories about his past

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