Bunny Eating Things Politely

Bunny Eating Things Politely


Places to donate:

Resources if you are protesting:

I also just wanted to say happy pride, I hope you feel loved and supported this month and every month.

Song: ‘Catch It’ by Andrew Applepie

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53 Responses

  1. Anja Coetzee says:

    When a video of a dog eating politely makes you emotional.

  2. QueenMaxine says:

    Mission accomplished: This felt like a virtual hug😭

  3. Lily Carey says:

    100/10 wholesome polite lady eating
    10/10 cement the goblin eating nasty

  4. Sophie Cleverly says:

    My 1-year-old every time Bunny is on screen: WOOF WOOF
    My 1-year-old every time Marbles is on screen: CAT

  5. M S says:

    Something about the music choice and the thought of dogs getting older just made me weep the whole time

  6. KRYMINAL says:

    I just lost my cat and she was in her youth, she was adopted so we didn’t know if she was 3,4 or 5… we had her for three years and someone took her from us with their car, no heart. im glad you cherish and love your animals, i just miss my little baby

    • Little Chanyeolita says:

      Oh my god… My cat just died today… He was not even 1 year old… Those mean dogs took his life away when we were just sleeping… I can feel you, it hurts

    • Rnei Night says:

      my heart goes out to you, i just lost my two year old kitty, he got really sick, he was taken from us too soon. i raised him from birth, i foster kittns

    • Aloe Flera says:

      That’s mainly why I won’t let my cat outside. He’s a big, friendly Maine coon. The dogs will eat him.

    • Nicole Roca says:

      So sorry for your loss <3

    • Little Chanyeolita says:

      @Aloe Flera that’s what dogs did to mine today… :’c

  7. Komik says:

    She’s so calm while Cermet is jumping as if his life was at stake xD

  8. varun kandhari says:

    While we are all talking about Mubble being 12….. I just realized our Nasty boy would turn 10…. Ohh how time flies😔

  9. Jeremy Bearimy says:

    Didn’t realise how overwhelmed I was feeling until I cried the whole way through this video

  10. SwirlyPinwheel says:

    Bunny and Marbles: Dainty licks and grabs
    Kermit and Peach: FiNgErs are bOnUs

  11. Lieselotte Dal says:

    Leave it to Jenna to make us feel better by just feeding her dogs on camera

  12. Rose Lalonde says:

    Bunny is so un-nasty. 😹❤️ Also, this has a “Julien edited this” vibe.

  13. FizzyCat says:

    The fact that this made me shed unexaggerated tears. Jenna’s smile? Beautiful. The dogs’ vibe? Immaculate.

    • Kate says:

      Same. She always does this to me. Picks the exact right time to drop the exact right video, warming my cold heart and reminding me what’s actually important. (It’s animal based content, in case I wasn’t clear enough.) ❤

  14. scrivspo says:

    i would die for every member of this family

  15. Katie Colombo says:

    I did this thing with my husky to see how she’d do. I gave her an egg, just to see how long it would be without her breaking it. She cuddled with this egg for 5 hours before it cracked. IT WAS ADORABLE.

  16. Bradipo Panzuto says:

    bunny when offered food: why yes thank you i think i will eat that
    kermit and peach when offered food: _asgnsfgsHSAHFNGHJKDFH_
    marbles: (is marbles)

  17. Samantha Geib says:

    Thank you, Jenna, for being a gentle big sister to us. In a time when the western world is made of turmoil, strife, and heartbreak, your affinity and attunement to the hearts of your followers is a godsend. You always know what we need, because you can feel it too. Thank you for being a moment of respite before we return to the fight for Black Lives Matter, and against the Coronavirus. Thank you. 🖤❤️🤍🇨🇦

  18. Makenna D says:

    Me: 🙁
    Jenna: Hi! Black lives matter
    Description:Happy pride month!
    Me: 🙂

  19. TheSwolOne says:

    Jenna, does your back hurt from carrying everyone’s mental health through quarantine?

  20. Destructivity says:

    Oh to be Jenna Marble’s dog eating things politely

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