Burger king- valentines adult meal

Burger king- valentines adult meal

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20 Responses

  1. Aiden Frahm says:

    I’m here before this goes viral

  2. Jason says:

    Lol is this real??

  3. Spooktacular Wheatley says:

    >getting buttfucked by a 12′ inch whopper-dong in your adult meal

  4. Idan DrMeyuw says:

    So proud to be an Israeli right now… one of our best contributions to mankind.

  5. Big Smoke says:

    All they do is just nut in your whopper. 3/10

  6. androidconfusion says:

    the 3rd item is a head massager… ?

  7. GeonExMachina says:

    What in the actual fuck?!

  8. Sklubbyy says:

    Is this real? My lonely ass about to go get a head thing lol

  9. Ian says:

    Now McDonald’s comes out with the Depressed Meal. Featured toys:•Bleach•Noose •Gun

  10. Swe3tdre4mz Gaming says:

    How many calories does the ball gag and whip have ?

  11. Phoenix Pilot says:


  12. Doug Jones says:

    Am I gonna be getting dildos and shit with my whopper meal?

  13. Hentai face says:

    had me look like fucking idiot when i ask for this at my burger king now i can’t go back

  14. Solomon Casado says:

    Oh yea stick those French fries up my ass!

  15. Shadow Playa says:

    What if they give you a dildo instead of a pocket pussy ?

  16. Dualistic says:

    Is this real?…This why i stopped eatin burger king

  17. J Cole says:

    *Eat the meat. Then beat your meat.*

  18. Laughing PumpkinKing says:

    And thus begun the millions of lawsuits against Burger King for “used” toys.

  19. The ManDragon says:

    Can I have a number… 69. ? (gets me every time)

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