‘Burn in hell you piece of s—‘: Man in court screams at Darrell Brooks as he’s found guilty

‘Burn in hell you piece of s—‘: Man in court screams at Darrell Brooks as he’s found guilty

As the verdict of Darrell Brooks was being read and he was being found guilty of the top charges including 1st degree intentional homicide, a man in the gallery shouted at Brooks “burn in hell you piece of s—.” The judge admonished the outburst in court and had the person removed. Brooks was ultimately found guilty on all charges in connection with the Waukesha Christmas parade attack.

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45 Responses

  1. Marilyn Masonis says:

    The saddest realization is there are too many people just like this in our society. Who will never take responsibility for their actions, whatsoever. But will protest, and make other people’s lives miserable. Truly the menaces of society. Glad to see Justice was served for the 6 precious lives lost, the terribly injured, and the family members and friends who love and care for them – a senseless tragedy at a time that was suppose to be joyous.

    • The LizardHedd says:

      God bless all the victims and their families.

    • Tundra Life says:

      @Biden wears diapers LOVE the name and yet I’m completely embarrassed for us all. 😂

    • Eddie Lancelot says:

      I wish this was justice. But it isn’t.

    • Mike McAulay says:

      @Amy Richardson there is literally no proof to support that claim and it’s been studied. States with and without the death penalty have been compared and have shown no deterring effect whatsoever.
      It is also generally more expensive to have the death penalty versus life in prison. Because it’s irreversible, more leeway is given to defendants appeals. That costs an enormous amount of money.
      Finally, looking how often our justice system has been shown to have major issues, taking such an irreversible step means you will certainly be putting innocent people to death. It’s just a number’s thing based on the state of our current system.
      While I fully understand the visceral desire to see an “eye for an eye,” the probability of making a mistake is too high to allow for such a permanent punishment. There will always be cases such as this one we can point to where there really is no question about the man’s guilt. The problem is, when prosecutors have been empowered to seek the death penalty they don’t just stick to cases like these. At this point I’m speaking from a completely pragmatic perspective versus one based on the idea of a state essentially taking revenge would be immoral.
      There are a substantial number of documented cases of defendants being railroaded and later exonerated. To use a legalism, death is a bell that can’t be “unrung.”
      Whether it’s moral or not for a state to execute someone is something I’m still uncertain on. But from a pragmatic perspective, it just doesn’t make sense.

    • Scott Murphy says:

      Yeah the entire Democrat party

  2. coffeecak8 says:

    The amount of patience and tolerance this judge showed is unbelievable

  3. Paul Mann says:

    Just imagine how this man treated people in his day to day life.

  4. KEPC KatherineC says:

    I feel extremely sorry for his victims and their families, and for the people involved in his trial. I also feel sorry for his future jailers and even his fellow prisoners. Imagine having to deal with this guy on a daily basis, with no end in sight.

    • sawyer gowen says:

      Cases like this highlight the reason we should consider capital punishment

    • redred222 says:

      isint he up for the death penalty

    • KittsKreations Origami Owl Canada says:

      @big_red92 P.C Won’t protect him bwahahaha

    • Momo says:

      Bold of you to assume either his jailers or fellow inmates will deal with him. With the attitude he showed throughout the entire trial, Brooks is going to learn very quickly that his jailers won’t have much patience for him and his fellow prisoners are much more likely the shank him for because he runs his mouth.

    • big_red92 says:

      Trust me he’ll most likely go into protective custody and be locked down 22 hours a day

  5. m. macdog says:

    Judge is smiling because she knows its OVER . What a wonderful display of control through out the proceedings

  6. Soup Can says:

    He literally talks to the judge like they are friends and this is his new job to come in her court everyday. He killed all those people and showed absolutely no remorse except for himself he is a monster.

  7. Anthony Hurt says:

    How this Judge held it together, is beyond me. Bless her heart

  8. Jessica says:

    Less than a minute and 30 seconds in, I’m already thinking to myself, “dude, just shut the f*** up, already. No one cares.” This judge has the patience of a saint 😢 I hope she soon finds herself in a first class seat on her way to a nice vacation.

  9. The Central Scrutinizer says:

    Man he just never shuts the hell up. How has this man been free and mingling among us for however long?

  10. Crescent Chamber Artists says:

    This Judge is excellent. Shes a perfect example of professionalism and allowing the judicial process to pan out as it must according to the people and the justice system

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