Burning Questions: Spitballs

Burning Questions: Spitballs

How many spitballs does it take to fill a bathtub? The “scientists” at Vat19 answer this question… and tons more from you (our amazing fans!) in this episode of Burning Questions.

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20 Responses

  1. FinleyTheMermaid says:


  2. Dizzy Izzy says:

    Can you guys make more burning questions? Please

  3. Melissa Sandoval says:


  4. Lexi Nguyen says:

    spitballs are orbit then

  5. dan fischer says:

    Would it be considered a burning question if it was just a regular question
    but my genitals were burning?

  6. croboys 2003 says:

    I bet you 100% that Crazy Aaron is gonna be in one of their vids(soon)
    cause he was here a sweet bees in St louis

  7. LegoBoy says:

    Will it blend? That is the question. – Blendtec

  8. Lonly Grizzlybear says:

    3:48 Was that a voicecrack?

  9. YAhabsYA says:

    Is anyone else getting really annoyed with ads?!?

  10. Bradley Hanson says:

    You finally brought back burning questions

  11. Yechiel Garcia says:

    This is just orbezs

  12. Alden B says:

    3:48 voicecrack

  13. Clara Martins says:

    you have all that but you don’t have a straw?

  14. JunioR says:

    Can it kill someone? (If it does, prove it)

  15. mina bhandari says:

    I am sure that Rihanna had used spitballs in her music video dimond ??

  16. Daniel white says:

    What if you made the gummy chair out of a real gummy bear.

  17. GiantfootHD says:

    i first thought it was messi on the thumbnail.

  18. THE SONIC GUYS says:

    Subscribe we Make Funny Comments

  19. Moonshine Frost says:

    That’s just orbeez

  20. Jim1643 says:

    That’s not a spitball though