Bus Photobombs The Weather Channel’s Stream of Georgia Dome Implosion

Bus Photobombs The Weather Channel’s Stream of Georgia Dome Implosion

After 40 minutes of live streaming the Georgia Dome’s implosion, a surprise photobomber ruins the big moment.

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61 Responses

  1. Richard Davis says:

    Go kick that bus drivers ass

  2. Kizzume Fowler says:

    What was the reason for stopping there? It actually seems like that was done on purpose.

  3. Exotic Butthurt says:

    That bus driver wouldn’t live to see another day if I had a say in it

  4. 813Productions says:

    Just georgia things lol

  5. Victor K says:

    It’s definitely Trumps fault

  6. TheLegoGamer says:

    I can’t tell WEATHER or not that was on purpose. But it may have just been a DOME coincidence.

    I’m sorry

  7. chris marona says:

    The Russians interfered in the Georgia Dome implosion!

  8. Memes 4 Kings says:

    Hope who ever drove that bus fucking dies

  9. AlanE14 says:

    I honestly feel bad for all of the people who watches and the people at the weather channel… All the time waiting down the drain! It’s like the bus driver did that on purpose

    • zhaquiri says:

      AlanE14 On purpose? The bus driver is a human being who simply got curious after seeing the explosion and commotion.

    • AlanE14 says:

      That may be true, but look how the cameraman is raging. And I know you’re gonna say that he should’ve found another location

    • zhaquiri says:

      AlanE14 You know wrong. The cameraman was in the perfect location for that shot. It’s just that another human being’s simple curiosity unintentionally ruined his shot. All I’m saying is that the ruined shot does not justify the comments on here wishing for the bus driver’s death, or explosion, or to be hunted down so they can beat him to a pulp, or whatever other things people have suggested.

  10. joyjoy says:

    No self awareness whatsoever bus!!! Lol

  11. HM L. says:

    Troll of the century.

  12. Soko says:

    I hope that bus driver gets his nose caught in a rat trap

  13. Eddyword94 says:


  14. Nicolas Gonzalez says:


  15. ShoreLooksNice.com says:


  16. Shark Tank Showcase says:

    Russian Hackers were driving the bus!

  17. A Henderson says:

    CLEARLY it wasn’t the best spot… LOL!

  18. Lost Blue says:


  19. Jesus Christ says:

    The anger but kindness in that voice was amazing

  20. Ben S says:

    They should fire that bus driver…

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