Bush Stands by Stuff Happens Quote 10-02-15

Bush Stands by Stuff Happens Quote 10-02-15

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16 Responses

  1. camycamo4 says:

    Welp, he’s done.

  2. voodoopriest100 says:

    What’s wrong with stuff happens? Don’t things, fortunate and unfortunate,
    happen? I guess every word and syllable is being scrutinized cause he’s
    running for office. this is how Hillary doesn’t talk to the media.
    objectivity goes out the window

  3. Johan Bock says:

    He’s dumber than his brother.

  4. Agent Michael Scarn says:

    And this is why Jeb! Bush was never going to be an electable candidate. He
    snowed Florida with the last name, but he’s always been a drip.

  5. EAB82 says:

    Bye Bye Jeb.. and to think he’s the “smart” bush

  6. darkknight07100 says:

    “Things happen all the time. Is that better?”

    What an asshole.

  7. ROOKTABULA says:

    “Compassionate conservative”. No more false and hollow phrase was ever
    What a fucking prick.
    And, like a conservative, when offered a chance to walk it back and ADMIT
    he has made a mistake?
    Just like his equally stoopid, equally privileged, equally Repugnican, and
    equally tone deaf bro:
    “No! I meant it!”
    His upset and annoyance show just how utterly lacking in empathy cons, and
    the Bushies in particular, really are.

  8. Jurassicparkrules96 says:

    And I agree with what he said, you are all acting like pussies.

  9. Fenristripplex says:

    Lol, he might as well pull out now. Not like he had a chance but calling a
    tragedy ‘stuff happening’ is pretty much PR suicide.

  10. Franz Ferdinand says:

    Trump will represent GOP. As of now he has my vote. I used to Support Jeb
    before Trump announced his bid. Gradually I shifted my allegiance.

  11. Mick Jigger says:

    Those words will follow him around for the rest of his life…………

  12. borderlinblue says:

    i understand what he means, but hes still a dumbass

  13. Green Smoothies! says:

    Yay! Now we don’t have to worry about another Bush in the white house.

  14. Bright Jade says:

    i want to punch the jackass reporter’s face !!!

  15. Will Pace says:

    Trump for president!!!

  16. bob saget says:

    Look at all the dumb fucking libs trying to be offended by everything