Busting 100 Among Us Myths

Busting 100 Among Us Myths

We bust 100 Myths in Among Us!

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22 Responses


    We can all agree that he never disappoints us with his content

  2. Bemax says:

    Let’s talk about how this man is single-handedly keeping among us alive

  3. TipTop Games says:

    Mod Idea: Silly to Serious Mod

    The crewmates start out as very silly individuals. They are trying to become more serious and more focused on things other than silliness so that they can be hired at the most serious business in the world. In order to become more serious they must raise their serious meters by the use of different stations that are placed around the map. Stations around the map include:

    Chess playing station
    Book Reading Station
    Staring Contest Station
    Essay Writing Station

    The imposter is the most serious person in the world. He is trying to make all the other crewmates silly again so that he can get the serious job all for himself. The imposter can:

    Force you to do a silly dance
    Make you play video games/watch youtube: crewmates can save you from this just by unplugging your video game or draining the power of their iPad.
    Place down a radio that plays the Duck Song for 20 seconds
    Shoot them will a silliness ray
    Put on silly glasses to go invisible
    Send a clown at the crewmates to make them feel silly.
    Convert people into his own serious army
    And the imposter can also host a try not to laugh minigame where two crewmates are forced to watch a silly show, the two competing must continually press the spacebar in order to keep their laugh meters down. The first person to laugh, dies from a heart attack.

    I hope you like this idea, I thought it was a pretty good one and I like how it came out.

  4. 彡Kacyდ ! A𝔪🤳 Lινє - Sєe Mу H𝟘T Vɪᴅᴇo🍑 says:

    can we all agree that when he’s the imposter he does the face it’s so good to see it in his videos

  5. Tomas Denbigh says:

    ssundee is awsome it has been a year since ive been watching your videos making me happy,appreciated <3

  6. Eli Martin says:

    Gary’s reactions in SSundee’s vids are the absolute best


    Can we take a moment to appreciate how much time and effort he puts in the videos for us.😇.

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