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Video by Sandy Chase

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Wow, if you’re still reading you are awesome! BOOOMMMM!!

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30 Responses

  1. Jordan Matter says:

    Do you want to Facetime us? Watch the full video to find out how!

  2. Akari / Kokomi ^^ says:

    Out of all the myths, my favorite one is probably the rollercoaster one. It was hilarious how Jordan started screaming and Salish was just sitting there, looking at him!

  3. Sue D Lamb says:

    salish: this is a real brick!
    also salish: holding the brick with one hand…

    unless shes just really strong lol

  4. Vedika Kamath says:

    i really loved the zipline where jordan thought that that extra hook had to be attached to something and he started screaming whereas hudson loved it

  5. Sai Geethika says:

    It is amazing how Jordan and his daughter find a way entertain us

  6. Iris_Lilac says:

    I just love how in every video there is always something that makes us smile I love your videos ❤

  7. Lily X stranger things says:

    I really loved how Jordan immediately Assumed it was nodal because he knows there’s SOMETHING going on but I also like how Jordan said “dads are overprotective, myth confirmed!” And I really love how over time Salish has gotten more and more comfortable over time it is so heartwarming. There is not 1 video on your channel that I HAVE NOT watched. ❤

  8. Banana Sisters says:

    I loved the watermelon myth! Thanks so much for the videos Jordan they always brighten my day with all your energy! 😊❤

  9. Isabel Chan says:

    My favourite myth was definitely whether this channel is Salish’s. I love ur videos so much, you can always find new things to do in every video that are always so creative and never fail to put a smile on my face. Your videos really helped and pushed me through rough times. I truly appreciate all the time and effort put into these videos. I love you so so much! Keep pushing, don’t give up. You are amazing and strong and you can do anything. ❤

  10. Yay Its Kay! says:

    Every time I see “Busting 100 myths in 24 hours!” I always know it’s gonna be a extremely incredible amazing video❤😊😅🤩

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