Busting 50 Myths In 50 Hours

Busting 50 Myths In 50 Hours

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22 Responses

  1. Secret says:

    You always try to do something new and extra ordinary and make ur audience feel excited for every next video. I took some inspiration from you especially in my video where I ordered pizza to MrBeast’s house! 😂💕

  2. Gabriella Smith says:

    Everyday, I go on Youtube thinking what to watch. I have watched a lot of youtubers but they get old after a while, you guys NEVER get old. Keep it up we all love u guys.

  3. My Little Musical says:

    2:30 you can’t bust the myth without using science. Both coal and diamonds are carbon, so they are technically identical. The only difference is that diamonds are found at a lower depth so they are more compressed and more expensive to find which is why despite both coal and diamonds being the same material, diamonds are more expensive and rare then coal.

  4. Jackster YT says:

    Wow! He just keeps getting better and better with content and never gets old. Thanks for everything unspeakable! Your the best!


    I was genuinely surprised when they didn’t know what vinegar does to an egg

  6. Crafting says:

    Coal actually does turn into diamonds under extreme pressure, but you need so much pressure only a certain machine can do it.
    Also an egg does turn bouncy if you soak it in vinegar for long enough.

  7. Petar Yordanov says:

    “Can we appreciate how Unspeakable post for our smile and entertainment!” agreed!

  8. Nichole Herzke says:

    Over time coal actually turns into diamonds, but it takes A LOT of years!

  9. Xandriana Keown says:

    Yaayyy! Unspeakable the Science Dude is back.. This is absolutely amazing 👏. Great job guys!
    Sick back flip James.

  10. Shyanne Gagnon says:

    Hi Unspeakable, James, and Gabe i am such a BIG fan of yall! You guys always make my day! In your next vid can i please get a shoutout? If you gave me a shoutout you will make my entire day!

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