Butcher’s Steak (aka Hanger Steak) – How to Trim and Cook Butcher’s Steak

Butcher’s Steak (aka Hanger Steak) – How to Trim and Cook Butcher’s Steak

Learn how to make a Butcher’s Steak (aka Hanger Steak) Recipe! Go to http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2017/06/the-butchers-steak-too-good-to-sell.html for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this demo for How to Trim and Cook Butcher’s Steak!

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20 Responses

  1. Moh D says:

    chef John can you make lassi please? perfect for this weather and more people need to know how amazing it is! that’s my food wish. mango!

  2. Alex Royster says:

    Hey notification squad

  3. Jeff, the God of Biscuits says:

    When it’s not cut up, it looks — oddly human. It kinda freaks me out, to be honest!

  4. Feta Cheezz says:

    You are the Drake of how to bake your Butcher’s Steak.
    You are the Jake the Snake of your Butcher’s Steak.
    You are the Butcher’s Steak that won’t give you a belly ache on the Great Lakes.

  5. thedarkknightrises1 says:

    Indian bread please!! Naan?

  6. Joof says:

    lol freakishly small wooden spoon

  7. Feta Cheezz says:

    We want the French Fries recipe.

    After all you are the Betty Davis Eyes of your French Fries.

  8. adam mac says:

    wait.. you didn’t say it.. is that,
    FRESHly ground black pepper?!
    edit: 😉😁

  9. zoicon5 says:

    Hanger Steak and Skirt Steak used to be cheap and little-known at one time. But word got out and now they ain’t..

  10. Barbara Coleman says:

    It isn’t easy to find.

  11. mts0628 says:

    I’m watching this right after King of the Hill, episode ‘Raise the Steaks’. What sorcery is this?

  12. apburner1 says:

    Yummy moo moo diaphragm muscle!!!

  13. candlehawk says:

    Hey Chef, when should I use chicken stock versus beef stock versus red wine in a pan sauce? What does each liquid add or take away to the sauce for the final dish?

  14. Manny Duran says:

    chef John im a huge fan of your work, but i gotta correct you this time, this isnt the butcher steak, this is called Entraña is an Argentinian Cut. the real butcher steak is in the hip of the cow, this one is on the inside ribs just before the fillet

  15. fireclouD says:

    the advertisement I got on this video was about vegetarian food

  16. Homes Dane says:

    Chef John my man, whats your social security number?

  17. Suzanne Baruch says:

    Cool little factoid: the Hanger Steak and the Skirt Steak make up most of the animal’s diaphragm.

  18. Zach McNulty says:

    Chef John needs a merch store. I would wear a shirt that says “Accumulated juices.” 😆 or any one of his “After all” phrases

  19. CanadaMMA says:

    I love listening to Chef John talk. He says practically every sentence with the same tone and inflections, regardless of what words he is actually using. It’s sort of endearing. 🙂

  20. Imogen Elise says:

    Butchers Hate Him!
    Chef leaks deets about secret meats-
    Find out more here——->

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