Buy Hogwarts Legacy Review – “Buy, Wait for Sale, Never touch?”

Buy Hogwarts Legacy Review – “Buy, Wait for Sale, Never touch?”

Hogwarts legacy is coming out for ps5, xbox and PC, a game by Avalanche and WB you take on the roll of a 5th-year student at Hogwarts learning about the Harry Potter-based wizarding world, and constantly trying to uncover what the secret to Hogwarts is, and why its legacy matters so much.
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Buy Hogwarts Legacy Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Never touch?”

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39 Responses

  1. ACG says:

    Spent ages with this and was all around very pleasantly surprised.
    Come help fight Hogwarts worst monster…Youtube lol

    • Jeigh Neither says:

      #7 trending in gaming my man! I would give this review about the same treatment you give the game, except your brilliance is always familiar & expected. I did notice more abrupt audio edits, but other than that, I was smiling for it’s entire run-length. Thanks as always!

    • Topher says:

      Gang Gang!
      Thanks as always!

    • Jamie Nicholas says:

      Muggledown Snickerdoodle 🧐

      Nice 😂

    • crashMYbandicoot says:

      Oh give me a break ACG! The games a flop, be honest with your subscribers dude smh trust me when y’all play it….. it’s a 7/10 at best only reason he gave it such a high score because it’s Harry Potter and “nostalgia”

    • Jory Corvid says:

      @TGK 2 NPC behavior

  2. unvrknow22 says:

    I was so scared this game would be too ambitious and a complete disaster, but seeing such a trustworthy source like this give an overwhelmingly positive review just made me so incredibly happy. Thank you ACG for your efforts in putting this review together! You provided a ton of relevant information without spoiling anything.

    • Jeigh Neither says:

      You can tell there was a production meeting where they had to choose between this, & adding multiplayer. As much as I’d like to play this w/friends, I think they made the best choice. Better to have a memorable experience for life, than a basic experience w/friends for a week lol

    • ZaPo says:

      Just wait for the PC versions performance.

    • He then says:

      @Cassidy Johnson yeah the developers also tweeted it will be deck verified on day one, but how good it will look remains to be seen.

    • Cassidy Johnson says:

      @He then yea me 2…was in the rsteamdeck forum they was saying it ran ok but 9/10 valve will release a proton update for it should be easy to get deck verified lolz I hope

    • He then says:

      @Cassidy Johnson same I really hope it runs well on the steam deck

  3. Martin says:

    wow this looks FAR better than any of the footage they have released prior to release. how rare that is these days.

    • nesbittheisman10 says:

      @Sarahnade and i’m begging you to stop being such a nerd and just let people enjoy what they enjoy without sounding condescending

    • Largentina says:

      ​@zero animation I don’t agree with the person you’re replying to but playing as a role is what you do in literally every game. That isn’t what makes this an RPG. What makes HL an RPG is….the RPG mechanics and systems within.

    • Jacob Raymond says:

      @Sarahnade For story based reasons, ya know, like almost every other open world combat game in existence. If you don’t like it that’s fine, but what a dumb question. At least this will be a newt unlike Far Cry where every main entry for the last decade has gotten progressively worse.

    • Shawn McDonald says:

      The character models and animations especially in the early previews were so laughably bad, part of me thought this would be DOA. It’s refreshing to see actual work being done

    • Andior says:

      @Sarahnade are you blind or you never play any RPG? One look at this game, and anyone could tell this is RPG.

  4. Max Derrat says:

    Clear and thorough review as always, Karak. I am definitely picking this up.

  5. Kiekeyz says:

    I love how the classroom thing is not just tacked on. Sounds like an actual part of the world. So excited for this.

  6. Jake Adams says:

    These DEVS and creators deserve so much credit for actually delivering on what so many of us have wanted. Such a small name too!!

    • Obvious Troll That Baited You says:

      @Sholva its because usually indie or small studios have more passion to create something great and make something playable instead of just making something monetizing. Monetization took away the quality and immersion of games and really became the downfall of AAA games such as the HALO franchise and Call of Duty quality drop.

    • Vagrant Ender says:

      @Jordan McMinn  not the same avalanche studios. 2 different studios with same name. The guys that made hogwarts legacy made Disney Infinity and their last game was cars 3

    • Jordan McMinn says:

      There is nothing small about avalanche studios

    • Sholva says:

      Well it is usually the unknown devs that give us great games

    • Maskeno says:

      Huh, I thought it was made by avalanche studios, but apparently there’s a difference.

  7. Color of Grey says:

    I have to say, I really like the number values for damage are digestible, so to speak. I get the Vegas-style glam for every one-hit skeleton in Vampire Survivors being worth 3 billion points, but just seeing the number “6” pop up for a direct wand hit in this video honestly hit just right; when another hit shows “30,” it does feel that much more clear how significant it is.

    • Elimentus says:

      This is one of my favourite parts of the earlier RPG-based Paper Mario games too. Large numbers used just for flashy-ness negatively impact the user experience

    • Purvdragon-sensei says:

      Early Borderlands 3 was like this too, then I was seeing 1M per punch from Amara and it barely dented the enemy’s health bar which slowly killed all motivation to go on.

    • TheGreatPoo2ElectricBoogaloo says:

      I agree! I always enjoy smaller numbers for that reason. After like 10k it just doesn’t have the same impact.

    • Lord Cameron says:

      I believe that if the lowest damage amount in your game isn’t 1, you should divide all the numbers by a common denumerator until it is.

  8. Rory Rubymace says:

    Comparing the open world to a mullet was absolute poetry.

  9. Walker Best says:

    Thanks ACG, I really appreciate having a reviewer that I trust. You’ve never done me wrong!

  10. Brassmonkey4416 says:

    Blurring potential spoilers is always such an appreciated move. Great review!

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