Buying Anything My Dog Touches

Buying Anything My Dog Touches

#Code #Pewdiepie

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32 Responses

  1. rintaichou says:

    I would watch this kinda content for years.

  2. ChippyGaming says:

    That employee was so polite after you mentioned your selfie rule, what a nice guy!

    • Sparkling_H2O says:

      Hello terraria enthusests

    • Edwin Trevillion says:

      Chippy top comment🥳

    • Tony_Feels says:

      I mean what else would you do

    • QuagmireFeels says:

      @Lilliath bro to be honest I don’t get that, I get the privacy part but the whole bad people takings selfies with him is a bit much, like he shouldn’t care what the left says about him, everyone knows they lie and they will continue to lie about him. Either way it’s his choice and I respect it, just don’t see eye to eye on one reason of it, I think he should live to care less about the bias radical left media calling him a n*zi and shit, because I hope he doesn’t live in fear like that, it’s not healthy, but he seems to be doing fine so it’s good.

    • Matthew Colgan says:

      Its PewDiepie…. what do you expect?

  3. GGRin says:

    Felix: I buy everything Edgar toucher except I buy what I want
    Edgar: You wot mate

  4. Fahmida Raisa says:

    Parents : “After you turn 18 you’ll get anything you want ”
    Also parents :

  5. Simona Morkūnaitė says:

    Felix and Marzia poking Edgar with things they need for the dogs and making content out of it
    Love it

  6. Gamer301 says:

    Felix: I’m gonna buy him everything he touches
    Edgar: *touches store*
    Felix: …..

  7. Rocky Kanaka says:

    I approve of this video 🐶🤙😆 Happy Birthday Edgar 🎉🎂🥳

  8. RussianHenassy says:

    The employee was so respectful, hearing felix I could tell he feels bad but he has to protect his privacy so its completely understandable

  9. ranzio says:

    i love how you and marzia were so kind to open a little window for us to see a tiny portion of your everyday life with your beautiful family, thank you guys, a big hug for the four of you, cheers! :^)

  10. JeweledLove says:

    Felix: “I’ll buy anything you touch, Edgar!”

    Also Felix: “We’re not buying that”

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