Buying Every Item From The 99 Cents Store!

Buying Every Item From The 99 Cents Store!

My cousin Nour and I decided to buy every single item from the 99 cents store, and the ending to this video was emotional and great.

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If you read this far down the description I love you

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41 Responses

  1. FaZe Rug says:

    Next video: Buying Every Item From Gucci

    Jk jk but watch the video till the end for an emotional surprise

  2. BryanSWAGGBEAST says:

    People be like, what is a Lambo doing at a 99 cent store? Did he ran out of money? LMAO

  3. Bruh says:

    You and Mr beast should do a collab of buying a lot of something then donating it to a homeless shelter

  4. My - Pillow says:

    Next video idea: Do this but in petco and donate it to an animal shelter. Original commenter: Carmen Abraham

  5. Blake Mann says:

    My guess is $956.00.
    Edit: Yo I was wayyyy wrong. Great vid Rug!

  6. Marco Garces Gonzalez says:

    Love how positive you are love how good of a role model you are love how You always give back ❤️

  7. Lana Leanos says:

    Rug: buying 1 of everything from the 99¢ store!

    Mr beast next video: buying the 99¢ store!!!

  8. Alyssa Van Nieuwenborgh says:

    I promise, i’m in the begin of the video and I already think this is a bad idea😂

  9. YA GIRL ONIXI says:

    i respect this dude so much 🙌🏾 mad respect faze ! keep it up ‘

  10. Justin Ponoran says:

    Rug :just posted the video 2hr later

    Email from bank: your bank account just hit bankruptcy

  11. ᴘan ᴄake says:

    blankets at 99c store? yes please?? I’d get like 50 of them👁👄👁

  12. Nikhil Koli says:

    Why they disliked the video great man Brian god bless you bro.

  13. Brenda garcia says:

    Barely saw one of your videos yesterday and subscribed immediately! Gonna continue support you 😭🙏🏽

  14. DU Gang says:

    Keep doing things like this, we love you FaZe Rug

  15. DopeDoge21 says:

    Nobody catch kaelyn at 7:31, I see you rug 👀 😏

  16. sheikh hassaan says:

    7:47 kaylan what you doing girl 🤔. Like if you see her too.

  17. Kailash Meena says:

    See this is what i love about him and this is what makes me come back to his channel always because he gives away to everyone not only his family or friends but all those in need ..which i don’t see most of youtubers do . Really proud to be a part of your channel and keep doing the good work ! You are amazing god bless you ✨

  18. Lil Goggs says:

    In America: the 99 cents store
    In Canada: the dollar store 😂

  19. Andres Garcia says:

    When I go to the dollar store im like why is this 20 dollars if is a dollar store

  20. the fan says:

    Buy every food from the menu in fast food restaurant 😂

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