buying my dream car at 16

buying my dream car at 16

smg what is life



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Austin, TX 78709

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54 Responses

  1. im not ok. says:

    i thought she was gonna prank us and be like “here’s my car” and then show a little toy car

  2. Wendie Fernandes says:

    A tear fell from my eye when u said hey Jessie RIP Cameron Boyce you talented young beautiful angel may u rest in peace

  3. marKidion IsAGod says:

    Next video: I CRASHED MY CAR! **(NOT CLICK BAIT) **

  4. Maddie M says:

    guys she lowkey looks so good with thinner brows AND SHE LOOKS SO GORGEOUS IN THIS VIDEO

  5. lucy smart says:

    this is life changing. her eyebrows are tHiN??? Whaaaat?

  6. Michelle Weigert says:

    Antonio Garza at 16: Me and my car
    Me at 19: me and my driving licence but nO cAr

  7. ilayda says:

    omg ur eyebrows are just BOMMBBBB ??please leave it like that, thanks

  8. dimi says:

    Since u still have a permit…..


  9. Leonora Camarillo says:

    the fact that she sang jessie theme song makes me scared lol ? (because cameron died 🙁

  10. Blossom Gymnast says:

    Antonio: Has enough money to buy a Tesla.
    Me: Doesn’t even have enough money for food.

  11. Sanyoko says:

    When she said hey Jessie I was about to breakdown ? RIP Cameron Boyce

  12. Alyssa Gabriel says:

    Is no one going to talk about how gorgeous she looked in that thumbnail though????

    Ok, I guess it’s just me?

  13. Yulet Camacho says:

    Um I’m 16? and I don’t even have enough money to buy a coffee at Starbucks??

  14. Ma Ja says:

    literally the “thin” eyebrows look so much better theyre beautiful

  15. Rachel Rolison says:

    This video just slapped me in the face with poor…

  16. Mariana Alvarez says:

    Do someone notice Antonio’s skinny eyebrowns? YAAASSS QUEEN?

  17. Slime N says:

    From stealing make up to buying car.


  18. The Mikealson’s Diaries says:

    Antonio: “my car is bae”
    Noob, David, and her dog: “I feel betrayed?”

  19. Kristina's IMVU says:

    Sis keep it in the garage or something. If you only have a bad neighborhood. Buy please hide it. They might break in to it.

  20. Linalarity says:

    Meanwhile, my parents don’t even have a job…

    Thanks Germany!

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