Buying the weirdest cat toys on the internet

Buying the weirdest cat toys on the internet

Sponsored by Hoyoverse. Download Honkai: Star Rail for free:
And make sure to use my redemption code if you do: MB6N2TVCSQ9F


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18:11 – bye

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42 Responses

  1. graggle ramone says:

    Maybe you could “toy” with deleting your channel

  2. Joel Haver says:

    Drew said a very cool thing in this video

  3. Olivia Pfleger says:

    Drew really saw all the backlash Danny received for not addressing the shelf being removed from the background and had a funeral for his fallen neon sign to avoid the same thing from happening to him. Smart guy

  4. Nerdadendem says:

    Wow I’m so glad Bimbim’s management team is allowing her to work with such a small time channel. She truly is such a charitable icon.

  5. Katie Doyle says:

    Drew feeding individual pieces of cat food into her cone was so adorable I almost cried

  6. akday says:

    I love this era of Drew just doing whatever he wants on camera and I’ll still watch him with enthusiasm anyway

  7. cactitrash says:

    Drew getting sponsored by HSR is something I didn’t have on my bingo card

    • zerofox says:

      And is probably the only person I’ve seen promoting it that hasn’t just gone “The waifus are hot. Download game.”

      Which tbf they are. Kafka has broken my smol brain and my wallet

    • Keith B. says:

      @zerofox tbf almost everyone in HSR is hot irrespective of gender

    • Lacirev says:

      Especially him talking about wanting to pull Dan Heng IL like wtf

    • cactitrash says:

      @zerofox I honestly like that, especially since I can’t imagine Drew saying that anyway.

      Kafka has unfortunately broke my wallet too.

    • Soro says:

      Ngl, i didn’t like Kafka. Then i lied to myself and my money slipped out of my pocket… Same goes to Imbibitor Lunae, but i already had my eye on him from the very beginning he was introduced in the story

  8. ~Sincerely, Sam says:

    As a Floridian, I can confirm alligators with guns are such huge threats here. It’s awful how many cats are lost everyday to this sad issue.

  9. Shoben says:

    Hey I just wanted to say I really appreciate how you take the time to make good captions in all of your videos.
    It’s an effort not a lot of creators tend to make and it greatly improves the viewing experience for people like me, whose monke brain gets thrown off without subtitiles lol

    • MarioMaster 41#2 says:

      me too i cant pay attention without subtitles and i love watching a drew gooden video and being able to understand whats going on

    • Nicole Pollack says:

      Heavily agree especially as a deaf person who’s “used” to the auto captions I get soo hype whenever I see legit ones!

    • megan says:

      I agree! I watch videos with the sound off before bed and Drew’s are the first ones I choose because of the reliable captions. So he upped the rewatchability a ton to me.

      Also my husband is Deaf so it’s cool to be able to show him Drew’s videos sometimes.

    • Lydia says:

      ME TOO I love captions and have very strong opinions on them, I am always disappointed when they are auto or poorly done. Danny stopped doing them like 2 years ago 🙁

      I love Drew’s captions

  10. reshmika ! says:

    drew being sponsored by hsr caught me so off-guard, its like watching two completely different worlds collaborating together

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