Buying Used Things

Buying Used Things

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Original Music by Christopher Carlone
Twitter: Carlonecmusic
Music of Domics, Vol. 1 (Music from the Animated Series)

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56 Responses

  1. Sumaiya Hasany says:

    The walking backwards part tho 😂

  2. Emma B says:

    I bought a used Nintendo wii and they threw in the board for wii fit and it worked great. Sure one of the remotes was broken but it was fine! The rest was good af. I also get second hand clothes. And sometimes the clothes are practically brand new but like a lot of stuff I have is used. Like my first phone. And my current one too. My guitar is used and my desk. And I got €350 for my old trampoline which I spent on fandom merch, clothes and food.

    • astrangeone says:

      Most of my gaming stuff is used. I’m fine with that and buying new is not something I would do (because “new” usually means that there are problems with the first batch/first adopter)…

  3. LEGEND 25 says:

    Just go with Lazada free shipping also 😗

  4. Joshua M says:

    Are YOU HowToBasic?

  5. Barış Tekin says:

    Still better than Twilight.

  6. Fox Goodman says:

    Buying used games saves me a lotttttt of money!! ^_^

  7. Jim Shorts says:

    –NOTICE– Do not agree on a price while messaging and then try to haggle the price more in person a few minutes later, once I was buying a huge fat box TV for my old game consoles and we agreed on $20 So he brings it over with a buddy and knocks on my door and tries haggling for $35…i was a gentleman so I declined and he was like how about $30? So I said how about $10 and you don’t have to lug it back to your house? He’s like but you agreed to $20? So I said since you were increasing the price I decided to lower my offer, so I got the tv for $8

  8. SDG Danny says:

    It didn’t sound _that_ bad but I haven’t used Kijiji before

  9. Bahja Mohamed says:

    My kidneys !!!😂😂😂

  10. Matt Spicer says:

    My gosh this animation is so fresh!!! Keep up the good work Domics!!

  11. safiaa says:

    But did they take his kidneys

  12. Leo - Kun says:

    I was gonna buy a used LED monitor today , after watching this i am scared xD

  13. Derry Dan says:

    The terrified backwards walk doe😂

  14. Celex Lavinski says:

    Sounds like a pretty normal situation to me. The kid doesn’t know how haggling works and isn’t responsible enough to know his address and has what I assume is a short tempered dad. The dad just said he was Caine because that was the name the item was listed under. Tbh, though, I probably would’ve gotten nervous with how the messaging was going, especially with the building finding fiasco. Glad you got your PS3 and everything worked out!

  15. checkacola says:

    I’ve bought used things before

  16. TheLittleNick says:

    I recently outplayed a scammer who sold me a used Gamecube he thought was broken, his listing said TESTED AND WORKING. The Gamecube was 20$ and here in Canada they normally go for 50$ so this 20$ was an absolute steal. I got it and he also gave me Sonic Heroes for free. Surprise, surprise, the Gamecube wasn’t working and neither was the game. He clearly sold them knowing they were broken. A little troubleshooting and half an hour later the Gamecube was alive. The game is still dead though. It felt so good knowing I outplayed a scammer.

  17. itsNotJeffy Animations says:

    Love thrifting. Never know what you find 😊

  18. Paige M says:

    #1 on trending! 😄

  19. Micolash, Host of bad boss design says:

    *Kidney extracting Shank*

    Where can I find one of those good sir? I’m asking for a friend, definitely not for some stupid ritual beckoning the paleblood moon or somethin, heh. yeah.

  20. You Tube says:

    One man’s trash is other man’s trash.

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