Stream “BUZZCUT”:

Creative Direction by Kevin Abstract
Directed & Edited by Dan Streit
Produced by Grin Machine
DP: Ashlan Grey
Line Producer: David Kim
3D Character Design: Cole Kush
3D Animators : Cole Kush, Christopher Rutledge, Dan Streit
Gaffer: Jens Ericson
Stylist: Nick Holiday
PA: Sean Dwyer
PA: Adam Talan
PA: Frank Chang
Camera PA: Leo Buoye

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38 Responses

  1. andromeda says:

    stimulant psychosis the music video

  2. Jackson Esela says:

    Holy shit this beat was designed for Danny brown to go crazy

  3. Jordan House says:

    This would’ve aired at 2am on adult swim back in the day with no warning

  4. Mikayla Mayle says:

    JOBA: singing like an angel
    Merlyn: LOOK AT THE SKY 🤬😫😠

  5. Nathan Zed says:

    these visuals gonna haunt me tonight and I love it

  6. 04TDUB says:

    watching joba’s neck beard flowing majestically in the wind wasn’t something I knew I needed until it happened

  7. Ronny Fahmi says:

    “Man these shrooms are weak af”

    The shrooms 1 hour later:

  8. Hey it's Yasu ! says:

    the bowling alley screen when you get a strike:

  9. Jon Denton says:

    Joba gave birth to Danny Brown from his mouth and that isn’t even the most memorable part of the video

  10. William Maranci says:

    welcome back boys

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