Buzzfeed & Vice Go After Dave Chappelle, SAT “Adversity Score”, & ProJared Responds To Accusations

Buzzfeed & Vice Go After Dave Chappelle, SAT “Adversity Score”, & ProJared Responds To Accusations

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College Board Drops Plans for SAT “Adversity Score” After Criticism

ProJared Responds to Accusations:

Previous Coverage:

Dave Chappelle’s New Stand-Up Special:


Bolsonaro Rejects G7 $22M Amazon Aid Offer, Later Accepts $12M from Britain

Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray
#DeFranco #ProJared #DaveChappelle

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89 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    Thank you for supporting my journey to be the next big TikTok star!:
    Timecodes: Chappelle 00:15 – SAT 1:50 – TIA 4:59 – ProJared 7:09

    • Jaskarvin makal says:

      The SAT change makes a lot more sense than affirmative action, achieves the same goals without racial discrimination.

    • Brian M says:

      When it comes to college you should be chosen by 2 reasons. 1) your getting a skill in something you can get a job for after college and 2) you are able to pay back your loans, if you have any.

    • TheGodshatter says:

      @Lil Clout neither… check facts on your own please. Don’t believe others… being a follower is no good.

    • TheGodshatter says:

      @Rave Dubin no sigh, he isnt. Ross left holly in 2018. He literally packed his shit when she was gone and then left. Didn’t say a thing or tell her. So no, Jared wasn’t a cheater. Don’t be misinformed please. Ross and jared are still friends, and even though Him and holly had split up, ross made it a point to fly up to see jared when he didn’t have to.

    • TheGodshatter says:

      @Conner babineaux who repeatedly hurt in your life? Damn… facts outway what you think in this but damn, maybe you need some help too. I’m not joking, you have some emotional issues that you should get help for. Try and have a better day. Seriously.

  2. Joshua Bryk says:

    Phil didn’t even explain why Dave Chappell was getting backlash lmao

  3. Heffrey says:

    Buzzfeed and vice are both like internet cancer these days, shame since vice documentaries used to be great

    • Pavel says:

      @D MoLa If this is what passes for “conservative” then I don’t want to be progressive.

    • Yung Wells says:

      They both sold out long ago. Fuck em if they think going after a legend like Chappelle is going to go well for them.

    • dis me tho says:

      I used to love Vice. I learned a lot from some of their documentaries. Dude they even documented the life of imprisoned transfolk in Mexico.
      I was crushed to see how low the bar dropped when some petty and grudge bearing chick made an article/listicle about “softbois” on Snapchat (to while I agree that no one likes a snobby Fu*ckboi, writing like one makes you one too regardless of gender)

    • Johto says:

      That’s because they people like Tim Pool doing docs. He left because they straight up told him they were going for clickbait shit.

    • Johto says:

      @D MoLa Y-You’re joking right? You think THIS is what counts as conservative? Phil is more Liberal than conservative and it shows DAILY. Jesus, do you actually thinking about what you’re about to say or do you just vomit words onto the internet?

  4. vampylove says:

    For ProJared I belive all the stuff that is going on between Heidi and him needs to get off Twitter it is none of our business what is going on. ( sorry i ment Heidi the ex wife)

    • Geo Maurer says:

      Completely agree, this channel is stooping to tabloid levels getting an article. It doesn’t matter what any of us think, they need to resolve their problems in court.

    • Marill Sweatshirt says:

      Well it could’ve been that, but she didn’t want to do that. Both parties played their parts and are equally at fault. He’s right on being the adult and addressing issues without painting individuals as villains. If Heidi did that from the get go she would’ve avoided this.

    • Carl Bernroth says:

      This sounds very much like an “everyone sucks” situation. ProJared acted like a creepy douchebag and his ex-wife doesn’t sound like a saint either who got jealous and vindictive when her behaviour was returned in favor. I’m not surprised some young people who get famous online act like complete asshats.

      Edit: also keep this fucking shit off Twitter, what the fuck is wrong with you…

    • Yellowisk Sheppard says:

      vampylove for real people need to deal with personal stuff personally. The more people you add the messier it gets

    • K-R says:

      @vampylove it was a post restricted to friends and family that was then published to the general community by Holly lol

  5. PlanetOfTheSnapes says:

    “I like to draw the line, cross it, turn around, and snort it.” – Bianca del Rio

  6. Epileptic Wizard says:

    When i someone says “my truth” I picture a 7yrs old who doesn’t wanna be reasoned with, so he puts his fingers in his ears and goes “LALALALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU”

    • justin g says:

      Thank you. That phrase is one of the most frustrating things in the world, because they use it to dismiss any evidence put in front of them

    • Intra Ignis says:

      That was incredibly well-written. I hereby award you with a 50 aspergers score.

    • Schmidteren says:

      @justin g He was mean at that E3 we did together… Facts: You never did an E3 collaboration together. It happened. CAUSE IT’S MY TRUTH!

    • Cazzle says:

      @Schmidteren Just to be clear though, Pamela Horton herself never said anything about E3. Jared said it must have been at an E3 event. Eerie how much that other guy looks like Jared though at that panel with MatPat and Pamela though.

    • Marill Sweatshirt says:

      @Cazzle But there’s no evidence of them being or working together outside of what Jared explained in his video.

  7. Erutanx7 says:

    Basically “my truth” versus The reality, yeah dude we see you!!!

  8. Sabih Bin Masood says:

    The point of comedy is saying things that you can’t say normally and joke about very serious topics.

    • jon says:

      It’s just a prank, bro 😉

    • Sabih Bin Masood says:

      @Boshwa comedy is edgy

    • Wabba Dabba says:

      @Bobby P that was the point TBH. They were given the license to talk shit for the sake of entertainment. It was expected that a Jester would be crass, so the normal formalities were lessened for them.

    • mariaaa says:

      Sabih Bin Masood no the point of comedy is being funny lmao

    • Abe Hassan-Froman says:

      Here’s whats comical. Non-comedians telling Comedians how to properly tell jokes. That’s like me, a non-professional chef, telling a professional chef how to prepare Chilean Sea bass in a fish sauce reduction. smh

  9. Nick Wood says:

    Every time I hear the intro “sup” I think of the h3 podcast sound bite

  10. David Gilbert says:

    I withhold my judgment of ProJared. I feel there should be some hard evidence before you try to ruin some one’s life.

    • Elp Smith says:

      David Gilbert
      He had a whole sex Tumblr and there are texts all over the place for evidence

    • Toori Baba says:

      Tell that to twitter mob who even refuses to watch his side of story

    • massee 211 says:

      @Elp Smith You mean texts from his ex wife who changed her story more times than a hummingbirds heart beats per minute? Or the fact she admitted to not watching the video before going on a Twitter rampage? Also sure the Tumblr was weird but did you watch the video? At all? It was for consenting adults(18+). Heidi even knew about it. Also hers and his relationship was polygamous, she even wanted him and Holly to fuck. Now she’s pissed off about it?

    • hillbillypowpow says:

      @Elp Smith He admits to that, and it isn’t anything illegal. He even addressed the point that any such relationship he’d have with a fan would have an extreme power imbalance. That, however, is not the main issue most people have. To whom he sends pictures or receives them from are his and their business so long as they actually are consenting adults.

    • Marill Sweatshirt says:

      @Elp Smith Watch??. The??. Video??.

  11. Jake Stratton says:

    Hey Phil, thank you for talking about the updates regarding the Jared situation, but it just didn’t sit right with me how you didn’t acknowledge the whole part about the community not reaching out to him.

    Hopefully you can get around to it.

  12. Mihir Bala says:

    Can you talk about Jared’s allegation that you did not reach out to him for his side of the story while the drama was going on? If you did fail to reach out, why? I watch you because I think of your content as unbiased but this, if true, seems to taint that a bit

    • TheGodshatter says:

      @Exus agreed

    • TheGodshatter says:

      @Dakota Rennemann because he is. Biased opinion and false allegations, coupled with these big youtubers that have wide audiences are what essentially destroyed Jared’s life. No one reached out to him. And when Jared tried to reach out to those people, This unbeautiful bastard included. Everyone slammed him even harder. Just because Phil has writers working under him doesn’t mean he had/ has to read what is given to him. He has a choice. And he makes them time and time again. Blindly Trusting what someone has written for you without actually checking the work is foolish and dangerous… not to mention He chose to jump onto the Jared bandwagon like everyone else did. Just for subs, clicks, views, and money. He could care less about actual truth. Just what seems true. No questioning if it is right or not, true or not, affect people’s lives or not. etc… money chooses what he reads. Views choose what he says. It’s all about the limelight and, Phil wants it no matter who else it costs.

    • Jo2017 says:

      Of all the people ProJared mentioned as never even attempting to get his side of the story, Phil would have been the one I thought would’ve tried to reach out to him. Since he prides himself as being a news source with journalistic integrity, I thought trying to reach Jared for comment would’ve been the least thing he would do, especially since he’s reached out to people before. Failing to do so, especially as a news channel, really makes me question his credibility even more than I already did from his previously questionable actions.

    • Marill Sweatshirt says:

      Someone clearly started watching after the BetterHelp incident.

    • mariaaa says:

      Mihir Bala dude he didn’t even bother taking about tobuscus’ response video when that came out when he contributed the most to his destruction. phil honestly doesnt give a shit unless hes called out specifically

  13. Quilt says:

    I think ProJared’s marriage was crappy and the fault was on both sides, they chose a “polyamarous relationship”

    I doubted the Chai story and the other one since there was 0 evidence.

    • Quilt says:

      @Shinku Quickman
      Well being a virgin is still better than being a cuck

      Btw if youre SO is up for it, we could have a threesome? Maybe a foursome too if I can find a degenerate woman to attend with me.

    • Quilt says:

      You must be one of the Heidi Cosplay Fans.

    • Quilt says:

      She gave a point as a fact, and called everyone who disagreed with her “Ignorant”

    • Treegor says:

      @Quilt A fact based on experience. It’s literally how opinions are formed. Calling others ignorant wasn’t necessary though.

    • Quilt says:

      Facts based on Experience are not Facts.
      *pulls out dictionary*
      Here, friend.

  14. Jahdan Gooden-Samuel says:

    Regarding ProJared. So many long-winded apologies and explanations from everyone. Makes it seem like emotional bullshit coming from every direction. Only provable facts given where the ones in Jareds video.

    • Tin Omen says:

      and like he stated in his video “I have the receipts” and he sure does. It might be 45 minutes of video but he covers everything

    • Boy Genius: A Jimmy Neutron Movie official says:

      The only victim in the projared situation is Ross O’Donovan AKA RubberRoss.

    • deeps mered mess says:

      @Boy Genius: A Jimmy Neutron Movie official he said in the video that ross knew the whole time and even spent time with jared talking about it

    • Klein P. says:

      @Boy Genius: A Jimmy Neutron Movie official Little known fact, Ross and Holly separated long before Holly and Jared mingled.

  15. Fly Guy Jamie says:

    as much as I don’t give a shit about this ProJared situation, he brings up some solid points.

    • Toori Baba says:

      If you don’t give a shit why watch the video?
      Also we all should give a shit these are very serious accusations. False accusations about such grave crimes must carry the same sentence

  16. Spookay T'is Me says:

    Why do so many people have “memory & cognitive” problems?

    • Last Gen Gamers says:

      just a fancy way of saying I dont remember exactly. Some people legit have these issues but others I wouldnt be surprised that use it as an a excuse.

    • Schmidteren says:


    • Samaël Regent says:

      It’s a way to make accusations and generate drama for profit and deflect accountability for it if/when found out. Just another toxic tactic employed by certain groups of people that subscribe to a certain way of thinking.

    • Toori Baba says:

      It’s a serious problem i have it everytime my dad asks about my report card

  17. Altaranalt says:

    You didn’t bring up the bit where ProJared shows your footage and accusing you of not getting his side of the story and jumping to conclusions.

    • Zach says:

      Altaranalt lowkey… Phil did the same to Toby Turner, but nobody’s covered that situation, somewhat similar to this one

    • Marill Sweatshirt says:

      I mean, Phil is a professional shill.??‍♂️

    • Creedkingsx says:

      To be fair, it’s not really relevant to the overall story. Whether or not Phil reached out for comment doesn’t affect whether or not ProJared attempted to receive nudes from underage kids, cheat on his wife, etc.
      The deleting comments is kind of shifty, though and I expect enough people will point it out that Phil will comment.

      Although, if ProJared is at the level of manipulative as they are pointing out in the video, I wouldn’t put it past him to make the comment and then delete it a few hours later for this exact reason.

    • MrTopHatMan says:

      When drama comes up it’s just best to gtfo of the situation

    • Marill Sweatshirt says:

      @Creedkingsx if that were the case he could’ve made these moves months ago…..

  18. Wenzile Dube says:

    He says you never reached out to him Phil…and you gloss over it

  19. MetaSynForYourSoul says:

    I see my boy Phil just wanna glance over that part where Jared called him out for not even attempting to get his side ofthe story. C’mon DeFrancomus Prime! If there’s anyone we trust to tell the truth and get both sides of an issues, it is YOU believe it or not. Do better, buddy.

  20. Miguel Tendero says:

    Can we agree that the internet isn’t qualified to judge the private lives of people?
    And that any suspected criminal activity should lead to a fair trial?

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