By the way, Can You Become a YouTuber?

By the way, Can You Become a YouTuber?


Part Time Legends –

LooseRomi –

A-HA Animations –

Geek Out Hobbies –

John Hall –
It’s definitely different from our usual “by the way” content, but I hope you guys enjoyed it. There are so many small channels out there and I’m sure there are more hidden gems in the platform. I personally love watching these channels so I hope you enjoy them as well. Thanks, love you, k bye.

Animator: Chris –


Dan Plan ♪ ~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

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57 Responses

  1. Narumi 02TK says:

    Stephen and hosuh are going to mad at u for not editing them in the video
    (•3•)/ (I liked that u support them dan)

  2. Sonia's Way says:

    I’ve been making videos for a long time now, trying all on my own, have reached a moderate number but it’s still a struggle. Guess I really love creating vids ?

  3. Felix33x Felix33x says:

    So I stopped this vid at 0:00 and I just wanna say that I hope that Steven wont murder anyone in an episode like that.

  4. Sapphire Nature says:

    Just saying but part time Legends are almost at 7k now probably more anyway imma go support them now.

  5. Pokemon Witch Ranger Ava says:

    0:15 Pocket Mirror Fans rise up! Who else is a PM fan? 😀 But seriously, I loved that reference to it!

  6. Senda Pewds To The Ranch says:

    I’d watch Steven’s clickbait fortnite channel.

    I mean, what can I say, it’s Steven.

  7. Efel and Emma says:

    A year ago, I would have laughed, but now…

    I’m dead inside so I cant

  8. LonelyBlackWing-KT says:

    Hosuh: …(Did I left the stove on?)

    Me: Oh you beautiful innocent boi…thinking about your stove at a time like this. XD

  9. cottoncandypeach says:

    You really feel the same way as I do, I love subscribing and supporting talented and underrated channels ^^

  10. DanPlan says:

    They all have over 1k subs already. You guys are fudging insane. I love you all
    Continue to support them! :V

  11. Benjamin Edwards says:

    2:32 Yaoi between a gardener and his flower?

    I’d call it “Deflowered” ; )

  12. Hapito says:

    Loving the pocket mirror reference. So hyped for the sequel

  13. tjafso13 123 says:

    I’m gonna keep saying this

    Make a “By the way, can you survive danganronpa”

  14. SagaTheYoungin says:

    I hope so… if you guys like animated stories I’d appreciate any support! Been grinding hard for almost a year now

  15. Darth Lyroc says:

    *DanPlan uploads without Steven or Hosuh*

    Wait That’s Illegal!

  16. Beguette_senpai says:

    The first 2 videos on my channel are great…

    I’m going place such as

    Nowhere… and I like being there

  17. Punterlotek says:

    Is no one gonna talk about Hosuh’s Cooking channel idea?

  18. Respect Halo says:

    They have such great content compared to me lol I only got 260 subs wish I could get 1k so I could get better equipment and make better content lol but that will prob never happen lol

  19. LINDSAY ZHOU says:

    Can we have a video of Stephen’s laugh on a loop? :3

    I’m not weird I swear…

  20. Mokongthe3 says:

    “By the way, can you survive puberty”

    I think It will be funny, I guess

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