By the way, Can You Find the PATTERN?

By the way, Can You Find the PATTERN?

Daniel Stephen Hosuh and Jay attempt to figure out 3 puzzles and riddles. They aren’t the usual riddles and Hosuh has a meltdown at the end. Enjoy!

Animator: Ria –


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42 Responses

  1. elena v. says:

    It took me like 5 time to realize stephen was indeed saying ‘WEED,’ not ‘READ!’
    what was i expecting anyways it’s Stephen (-^-)

  2. Zatania says:

    By the way, 3 ways Daniel is mocking Jay, Stephen and Hosuh.

  3. V V Thunder says:

    God I’ve been waiting so long. I was so stressed and needed my precious danplan

  4. Kasakii 多様性 says:

    Jay: **Not in video**
    *Everything is fine, except Stephen.*
    Jay: **Exists**
    *A n a r c h y*

  5. Super- Nova says:

    “If sassy Suzy can suck my Sri Lanka is she safe-” Oml I died

  6. Inside the Silence says:

    Who else turned back the video a few times to count the number of times Dan said walk

  7. Rosa137 C says:

    Dan:What do you wanna do
    Stephen: WEED


  8. Ella Unicorno says:

    Man, I love coming home to DanPlan videos. Some psycho and sociopathic Stephen and Jay, some Evil Dan, and Dying Hosah. ??

  9. SwimWithMermaids says:

    Ok, so Stephen can pronunce
    supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, but he can’t pronunce ouija board lol.

  10. Chykheang Ea says:


  11. Swimmer Fast says:

    Can you do a video reading Wattpad fanfiction‘s about you guys and reacting to them

  12. Faith Good says:



    “Can I still stab Dan?”


    “Oh ok”

    I died?

  13. Surprised Leaf’Pool says:

    Please do, “Can YOU survive Stephen after him getting a question wrong?”

  14. Fujoshi Much says:

    Jay: “iT tUrNs mE oN”

    Me: jay is Hisoka

  15. nash gaming says:

    me and the boys getting out of area 51 with danplan merch

  16. SessiJad says:

    Did anyone else think of the youtuber Grian while looking at the thumbnail???

  17. Midnight Animations says:

    You guys should do a can not survive but dans the one playing and it’s Can you survive Steven (if you like dis idea Can I plz get a shout-out)

  18. yunkiboy says:

    “that sounds like an awful soup”

    “you’re awful”

  19. Watch out It’s a Matt says:

    Stephen and Jay: Chaotic Evil (not really)
    Dan: Chaotic Neutral
    Hosuh: Chaotic Good

  20. Donald Trump says:

    I thought the title said “By the way, can you find a partner?”
    I would of been like “No”

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