By the way, Can You Survive Bird Box?

By the way, Can You Survive Bird Box?

Close your eyes or you’ll have to watch the video.

No, we are not late to the hype… NO, WE ARE NO-

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65 Responses

  1. i love animals says:

    Wth hosuh is so smart like I would never think of using the shadow or the safest place would be the school for the blind Like if I were in the bird box I would die already because of my curiosity

  2. The Cult Of Shaggy says:

    Wait, blood is RaInBoW???

    WhErEs My KnIfE

  3. Yui Hirasawa says:

    N E V E R! I hate my life so I’d just walk outside

  4. The Cult Of Shaggy says:


    Steven: ??

  5. JayQwery says:

    im really confused, why is steven blind-folded? he is immune.

  6. Patrick Wells says:

    “Daniel told me not not to watch it so I didn’t out of spite.”

  7. Layla OneShot says:

    Alright I just watched the movie so I’m caught up and can understand references

  8. Kumaran Sritharan says:

    By the way, can you survive an encounter with an entitled parent?

  9. Patrick Wells says:

    There’s a blind man that uses echolocation.

    • Sunshyn !!!! says:

      Golden kamuy ❤️

    • Gurple Purple says:

      Didn’t he die? Or are there more people that use it?

    • Sunshyn !!!! says:

      +Gurple Purple in Golden kamuy ? I think he was the only one and /SPOILER

      he died

    • ChaosAndBunnies says:

      +Gurple Purple There are a handful of blind people around the world who can use human echolocation, the one you’re probably thinking of is Daniel Kish who is very much alive.

    • My face is the antidote says:

      He died. There were 2 of them. One of them was the one that everyone knows. the black kid with those glass eyeballs who tried to skateboard or something and doesn’t like people to help him. He died.

      The other guy was like some old white guy from England or something. They met each other?

  10. Heinz Jürgen says:

    What happens If you hold a mirror infront of You xD would they Not See themself and also commit suicide xD

  11. Luna लूना says:

    I wanna see Stephen trying to survive being a girl XD.

  12. The gaming Knight says:

    Steven is unaffected because he was already crazy.

  13. It's Me says:

    Noooo its so sad that I want to animate for you guys, but I’m not old enough. Maybe one day….
    Oh and also lovely video, you’re so amazing omg! ??

  14. ツI r u s u says:

    Age: 18+
    I can draw.. but I’m 14 it’s only 4 years under the age limit OvO xD

  15. Jenifer Andrews says:

    Me: I’m so tired I’m going to sleep
    Danplan: **uploads video**
    Me: Who needs sleep?? Sleeps for the weak!

  16. Nemurii Pikachu says:

    Steven: AnD rEmEmBeR tO gEt Us To OnE MiLlIoN sUbScRiBeRs So We CaN gO tO dIsNyLaNd

    u guys furgot

  17. Misty Leaf says:

    When you’re not 18 years old yet but you can draw in that style TwT

  18. Uni Birdie says:

    Good job Hoosuh! These drawings are great

  19. Gforce Productions says:

    “Sssssshhhh Daniel don’t tell me what to do” could literally be the new catchphrase of this show

    Comment below for funny contexts for this beautiful quote

  20. TJ Toons says:

    *This video is way better than the movie itself*

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