By the way, Can You Survive Horror Island? | FINAL Chapter

By the way, Can You Survive Horror Island? | FINAL Chapter

Daniel, Hosuh, Stephen, Jay and Jo continue their survival in this horrifying island. This video will conclude their adventure; will they survive or meet a dooming end?

If you haven’t seen part 1:

Artists: Erich –

Special Guest: JoCat –


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59 Responses

  1. Rebeka Palmer says:


    Jay and Stephen: **tries to sleep**

    Hosuh: “You may not sleep now there are monsters outside.”

    Me: LMAOO

  2. *Fìøññå thé ÙwÚ* says:

    Me:*gets to the end of video* ok
    Also me:*sees scar*


  3. The Ultimate Robot! says:

    I know this monster! The lonely from D&D 5e this is like my favorite kind of monster.

  4. Spiffy says:

    Creepy monster: I’m so lonely :,(
    Jo: eugh…I can see why

  5. PxndaCakes says:

    I’m so happy that ur not one of those channels that upload once every six months. I don’t think I would *survive.*

    Also I just realized that Jay said that they would be sacrificed, and they were.

  6. Ali Rodriguez says:

    “I’m not brave i-i just don’t care about living” SAME BRO

  7. Potato On Potato says:

    “Quick Hosuh! Under the covers!”

    Me: *dirty thought*

  8. Strange Ello says:

    3:42 “You may not sleep, they are monsters outside” that’s epic gamer.
    This makes me want something like “By the way, can you survive Minecraft?”

  9. Snuffy_Llama says:


    By the way, can you survive SCP Containment breach?
    By the way, can you survive the time of the dinosaurs?

  10. Leslie Cano says:

    Hosuh is too cute…my little fangirl ❤️ (。ŏ﹏ŏ⊙﹏⊙(⊙_◎)

  11. Alpha Void says:

    I honestly thought after Dan, Stephen, and Jay died they would come back as smiling civilians and help the monster kill hosua and jo

  12. MRVS PLaYZ says:

    “He can’t die he’s a main character”

    Me: I making one of my main characters die in my series xD

  13. ellauni’s cancer says:

    “I’m not brave, I just don’t care about living” – Jay, august 2019

  14. Georgena Weaver says:

    Ok, y’all need to do:

    Can you survive Minecraft

    Can you survive Abandoned by Disney (you know, the creepypasta)

  15. MudkipMysteryTwinJamBuds says:

    Title: Can You Survive Horror Island?
    Answer: No! Everyone died.

  16. tirza trash says:

    when stephen freaked out about “pitch black eyes” it took me a minute, then i FREAKED THE HECK OUT

  17. george giabanis says:

    Danplan*makes a video where everyone dies


    Μy cousin*oh wow

  18. Sendy Bans says:

    **PLOT TWIST**
    The detective is the person who sacrificed Daniel! 10:54
    (aka the dude who kept smiling)

  19. Lunchable Cheese says:

    *“I’m not brave, I just don’t care about living”*

  20. Kai’s Universe says:

    “No he’s the main character he can’t die”
    Dan: *dies*
    Me: Gasp I knew it

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