Cage The Elephant – Mess Around

Cage The Elephant – Mess Around

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20 Responses

  1. Chavelo herrera says:

    fuck yea!!!!!

  2. Elias Medeiros says:

    Not a great fan of their songs BUT the simply ROCKED MY FUCKING BODY at the

  3. Nathan Caesar says:

    Such a tune!

  4. WhosPolar says:


  5. Shade Steele says:

    You know you’re lucky when you find out about an album, then two days later
    a single drops. I love you CTE.

  6. Bianca Barufaldi says:

    I love it! Tell Me I’m Pretty is going to be awesome!

  7. Guilherme Costa says:

    Dooo Caralho , COME BACKKKK TO BRAZZZILL!!!!

  8. Alex Kent says:

    I don’t really like the black keys. But I love cage the elephant.

  9. Artur Latko says:

    Good, but something heavier is what we probably all want here.

  10. nuclear pistachio says:

    whats the best cage the elephant album to start with?

  11. Stefania Barr says:

    CTE solidified themselves as one of my all time favorite bands with
    Melophobia. I like the Black Keys, but Cage has their own thing going on –
    more raw, unbridled, passionate, angsty – and…this is much more smooth
    sailing Black Keys-ish… It always worries me when the single isn’t
    stellar. Like, is that the best you’ve got? Obviously it’s a good song,
    it’s just not what I expected…Still have high hopes for the
    album…fingers crossed.

  12. Evan Wheeler says:

    every single one of cte’s albums sound way different to me, and it always
    turns me off at first, but after a few plays I learn to love it. I hated
    mellaphobia at first, but it ended up being my favorite

  13. J Mjolnir says:

    I don’t think people get it. The whole point of paying a producer is so
    they put their influence on their album. So if it “sounds like Black Keys”
    that’s because that’s what CTE specifically paid for. I definitely don’t
    hate this song. It DID seem a tiny bit bland, like some others said. Like,
    I kind of expect a debut single to sound like a huge deal. But whatever,
    it’s still a great song. Don’t judge an album of 10 songs, that isn’t even
    out yet, when you’ve only heard 1 of those 10 songs and you’re just getting
    pissed about who produced it. They paid money, for the Black Keys vibe.
    Also I’ve heard several records produced by Dan Auerbach, and hardly any of
    them “sound like the black keys”. I think you guys are over judging this, a
    little too much, and a little too early. 

  14. Footy Footson says:

    Wtf cage. I miss your old sound from the first album

  15. Polar Bear says:

    oh my god

  16. Will Patterson says:

    This song feels less Pixies and more Black Keys. I’m not an adamant fan of
    either (Sort of Pixies) but this sounds like it’s in a weird in between

  17. Amanda Lisboa says:

    So good

  18. Brandon Mesen says:

    So like, I think it’s sick

  19. okee LL says:

    dem dis is gud

  20. CleverDisease says:

    This sounds so much like Darts of Pleasure by Franz Ferdinand. Anybody else
    hear it?