Calculate your pet’s HP with my 100% legitimate formula | Unraveled

Calculate your pet’s HP with my 100% legitimate formula | Unraveled

What is a hit point? And more importantly, is it possible to know the hit points of your pet? Brian David Gilbert has figured it out, with the help of a scientist and his roommate’s cat, Zuko.

Want to calculate your pet’s HP? You can find the necessary tools here:

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52 Responses

  1. Polygon says:

    Want to bond with your pet by calculating their HP? You can find all the resources here:

  2. Tom Hopper says:

    “I need to remind myself why he’s here by quantifying his value” is definitely going in the next June kwon video

  3. Grace Taylor says:

    and PLEASE do more cyberpunk ASAP i miss my boy VB

  4. Carunhe · says:

    I was scared when he said he wouldn’t dance this season.

    I actually cried when I saw him moving those hips again… #blessthosehips

  5. Maks Zieba says:

    My dog earned 3254 HP points by being a ranger and ignoring me all the time

  6. SomeGuy says:

    That fact that this is Trending (currently 20) makes me so happy!

  7. Cody says:

    The obvious problem here is that you don’t have enough gym badges for Zuko to obey you

    • Nihil says:

      underrated comment!

    • Alexander Kuntz says:

      If Zuko is level 63 then BDG needs to have the Marsh Badge from Sabrina for him to obey

      Keep in mind disobedience is only a factor if they are rare/mythical, or you do not own them

      Zuko is both and therefore BDG must face Sabrina in combat to command Zuko

  8. Weirdo says:

    Zuko really sounds like a teenager who has smoked three packs of cigarettes a day since they were born and is now imitating a cat whilst being extremely annoyed

  9. lauren malcomson says:

    This beginning is the contemporary dramatic monologue I’ll be using at all my auditions for the rest of my life.
    Thank you.

  10. TheArchsage74 says:

    Brian David Gilbert is the most English-looking American I’ve ever seen

  11. Felixliten says:

    Zuko is the coolest cat name I’ve ever heard in my life

  12. Anna S says:

    My aloe plant is a level 50 rogue with 255 HP ❤️??

    • Axel Ulate says:

      considering aloe medicinal applications i would have put it as a cleric but honestly ive been staved by aloe plants enough to agree with you

  13. Mr. DevilJoe says:

    “Does your zucchini plant produce too many zucchinis, a.k.a. any amount of zucchinis? It’s a paladin.” Welp, found my senior quote

  14. Chickin Who Makes Video’s says:

    Is it a bad thing if my cat has 0 hp?

  15. Zombie Mario Games And Vlogs says:

    14:40 “I love him with all my heart and he loves me just the same ” (Gets Suckered Punched )

  16. Bananudos Com Nutela says:

    The only animals that can have HP are horses
    Otherwise it’s not HorsePower

  17. Derryk Campbell says:

    Brian is slowly, physically morphing himself into a 1970’s news anchor.

  18. Connordore says:

    “What are you doing here? Go cast spells with your Turtle.”

  19. Kain Spider Of Death says:

    Friend: “Oh what a cute cat you have!”

    Me: “Yeah, his name is Gismo. He’s a Level 30 Cleric.”

    Friend: …………………

  20. M3Top says:

    My HP is always low, it says “paper jam” all the time.

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