California governor declares state of emergency after earthquakes

California governor declares state of emergency after earthquakes

Gov. Gavin Newsom is seeking help from the White House after a series of earthquakes and aftershocks left Southern California residents on edge. READ MORE:

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83 Responses

  1. Redneck Survivalist says:

    Yup, you folks better get out now, while you still can.

    • Silver and Gold Hunter says:

      @*• • You just exposed yourself as a fraud by saying San Francisco is not bad. It is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. You will suffer with the wicked when the state of California is destroyed. Sad. People choose what they choose.

    • *• • says:

      Silver and Gold Hunter what? How am i a fraud? SF isnt bad, it’s oakland and that area thats bad and again its a small percentage. If anything you’re a fraud for trying to assume things about a place you know nothing about. Again get off your high horse, no Christian is better than another. I will say it again since you’re too ignorant to acknowledge it, just cause a Christian lives in a different area doesnt make them lower than another Christian. “You will suffer with the wicked when the state of California is destroyed.” I’m not in California I’m in Japan preaching to the Japanese with my pastor.

    • Silver and Gold Hunter says:

      @*• • You are a lying preacher. A false preacher. It does not matter where you live.

    • *• • says:

      Silver and Gold Hunter How? Youre just saying things that come to mind. You dont know what it’s like in Cali. You only know what it’s like in that little bubble of yours. I also find it funny that you had comments that were whole paragraphs. Now you have only a few sentences because I’m right and you dont have anything else to say against it.

  2. Darknxss 1 says:

    California been listening to earfquake too much

  3. ezzz42 says:

    The gov is lame. wheres arnie?
    “Everybody get dowwn” “the bridge is owwt”

  4. Sean Griffin says:

    I’m in San Diego we are always in a state of emergency look at our state officials

  5. YoMomma SideNicca says:

    Governor Gavin has just issued a new bill to tax the earthquakes citing that the earthquakes are causing too many job delays in the region
    Prop 88 will go into effect immediately next week

    • Common Sense says:

      Don’t forget to tax CA for all the CO2 being released in their state.

    • S M says:

      Common Sense Don’t even start with that bs, you probably don’t even live here. Go to China if you want to see air pollution

    • Marcus INfinity says:

      @S M imagine being such a shithole state you compare your air quality with China

  6. Ay Tuber says:

    Lady: Talking seriously about the earthquake

    Girl: WoAh 1:14

  7. You mad Bro says:

    Being in that pool would’ve been lit!

  8. Mateo San says:

    I’ve been on a 7.1 and 8.0 earthquake here in my city, trust me it’s no fun, its a good reminder of how small and powerless we are.

    • Danny F says:

      @Ricky Spanish you seem confused and uninformed

    • Wolfy Floof says:

      @Chicken Noodle Powerless to stop the earthquake.

    • *• • says:

      biscuit it’s bad, hes not being dramatic. I was part of the japanese earthquake in 2011. I survived of course, but because of that i got ptsd. Sometimes i feel an earthquake that never actually happened. So, no he’s not being overdramatic

    • RAP MONSTER says:

      @*• • me rn

    • RAP MONSTER says:

      @*• • I’m scared to even walk im scared if I do and earthquake will happen, and then sometimes I feel them for hours and I won’t get up cuz I hate the feeling…thanks for listening to my ted talk

  9. Error 404 says:

    California: “I had TWO earthquakes!”

    Indonesia: “Cute.”

  10. DAB 369 says:

    Remember when they told us we’d know when “The Big 1” was coming?

    • Judy Seager says:

      Stay safe from new Zealand. God bless you. ?❤

    • Luke Skywalker says:

      These Earthquakes have nothing to do with the San Andreas Fault if that’s what your referring to

    • Dashikardashian says:

      Luke Skywalker umm they don’t ? Why ?? And how ??

    • Dashikardashian says:

      DAB 369 dude I remember that. Back in 08 my middle school teacher said that a few times.

    • Gucci Made says:

      Luke Skywalker that’s the only tectonic plate near California and it’s been long over due so 2 earthquakes already and of this magnitude only mean the tectonic played have just started moving and grinding
      It may take a day, a week, months or years but California is gonna get hit with a strong magnitude that’s gonna leave it in ruins

  11. Lipstick Chateau Wine Color says:

    Thanks to those wishing us well in the comments! Love you. Hope we can recover from these quakes.
    -A Southern Californian

  12. badd_fish2 says:

    Am I the only one who would of jumped in the pool

  13. Mathey93 A. says:

    Anyone from Mexico who live the 2003 earthquake in Colima and Michoacán? It was around 8.1

  14. sarah heart says:

    Prayers from Missouri. Hoping you all stay safe.

  15. Extreme Likes says:

    Pool: *exists*

    Quake: i’m about to end this man’s whole career

  16. M.E. says:

    He protecc
    He attecc
    But most importantly

  17. Just A Fan says:

    When California gets big earthquake : panic unleashes

    When Alaska gets big earthquake : “honey, take a pic of me by the crack!”

  18. mRwoRds2148 says:

    1:56 lady on the left just want to legalize marijuana ?

  19. Putato Shiru says:

    Me: At least here in Alabama we don’t get earthquakes.

    Alabama: *tornados everywhere*

    Me: SHI-

  20. Not Neo says:

    Video: *Earfquakes*

    Comments: *We have a governor?!* ?

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