California mass shooting: At least 12 killed at Thousand Oaks bar

California mass shooting: At least 12 killed at Thousand Oaks bar

Twelve people, including a sheriff’s sergeant, were killed in a mass shooting at a crowded Southern California bar Wednesday night. Police later found the shooter dead inside, possibly from a self-inflicted wound. The Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks was filled with hundreds of college students. Carter Evans reports.

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79 Responses

  1. RayGunBros says:

    Oh boy another murderer to be immortalized by the news.

  2. Alex Santana says:

    Why do you news people always give the name or picture of the gunman air time. Don’t give those POS’ the 15 seconds of post-mortem fame they want. Remember the victims and family members lost instead. You in the news media are part of this problem as well, FIX IT.

    • Shaun Flaherty says:

      Alex Santana I agree with this, but freedom of the press lets them do whatever, and I’d hate even more to lose that.

    • Alex Santana says:

      +Shaun Flaherty oh no, I completely agree with you on that. If there was a law banning the media from having the ability to plaster the criminal’s face on the news, I’d fight to repeal that law. But in this case, just because the news media outlets have the ability to do something (state the shooter’s name or show their face) doesn’t mean they should, when they know that these garbage human beings get off knowing hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people will know their name or see/remember their face.

    • Stuart Ferguson says:

      +u2good2b4gotn What do you mean? If your family member or loved one is the shooter, then you will certainly find out without the news posting their name/picture on national media. Alex Santana isn’t opposing victims names being revealed, only the perpetrator in order to reduce any incentive brought by fame and exposure.

  3. Texas Gun says:


  4. stormiu says:

    Again, more gun control propaganda.

    • Jeremy Vasquez says:

      Chino Black the shooting was real . The agenda behind using a former marine to do thier dirty work is also real. Yes it is a false flag operation . Isn’t the first , definitely will not be the last …

    • Rob M says:

      >everything I don’t like is propaganda
      I hear this a lot from both sides, so why don’t we bring some evidence to prove whether or not it is propaganda?

    • Grey The Odd says:

      This guy bought them legally because people prevented the laws that would have stopped him, and Cali’s gun laws are nearly as lax as everywhere else because of this. You all apparently forget that laws make it harder for criminals to get guns, it’s not simply a choice for them to ignore it when there are less guns harder to get. How do you pro gun nuts not understand this? Nearly every nation in the world has stricter gun laws and not only do they totally work but nearly we have is local gun nuts who got them legally like this guy, and other nations were able to get rid of the guns they had fine. Pretending we are some special exception is just delusional.

    • Jacob w says:

      +Grey The Odd Who prevented the laws? California has had a Democrat supermajority legislature for years now! They have passed dozens of new gun laws in the past 4 years alone!

  5. kelvin urena says:

    So how does gun ban work again!?

    • Mallory Knox says:

      Sabrina Dugan Pretty sure he had a mental disorder- he shot up a club full of college kids then killed himself. You don’t need a psychiatrists degree to figure that out. If he wasn’t being treated then obviously the laws need to be stricter because people like him shouldn’t be slipping through the cracks so easily.

    • American Freedom-Fighter says:

      First you try to take weapons from freedom loving Americans, next you deal with a bloody revolt, then the freedom loving Americans restore the constitution.

    • Jake Jones says:

      +Cade III “If it reduces the overall people killed it’s still a positive policy.” Not if it prohibits law abiding citizens from effectively defending their lives. But I don’t expect you to make the connection.

    • Robert J says:

      Of they were to ban guns across USA it will be lile prohbition of beer but with guns this time which means more street and gang violence.

    • Cade III says:

      @Jake Jones Make what connection? Is simply possessing a firearm inherently more important than less people dying? It’s an easy answer. You’d ask, what’s the purpose of having firearms? You said it yourself, to defend yourself from harm. So the objective of firearms is to prevent death or injury. If having no guns means less injury and death than having guns, the policy is doing a more effective job. Are you sure your stance is unbiased? I doubt it. I think it just makes you feel more comfortable personally. These decisions should be made for the general population, not whatever works for you most. I suspect you value individual freedoms and rights over what’s good for the majority. Correct?

  6. BearZap34 says:

    Some of the strictest gun laws in the country didn’t stop this.

  7. Riceman says:

    All americans should be screened at psychiatric facility every year

  8. GozBoom says:

    They should have put up a “gun free zone” sign with the statute listed. That would have stopped him.

    • GozBoom says:

      +Sae Kurosawa It was sarcasm. geeeze

    • GozBoom says:

      +dat boi Now you can…We will take another break at 556

    • Jason H says:

      +~Ito~ (糸) Hispanic crime? Like what importing drugs and assemble a gang ? Maybe draw a tear near my eye

    • Sin City Quinn says:

      Jacob w What are you talking about? That would not solve the problem. That is what Security is for. And he shot them. The security are the first ones killed or they run like they Security guard did at Parkland. That’s why the guy brought smoke bombs so no one could see him. How stupid do you have to be to think that these mass shooters will not think about things like other people having guns?

  9. Steny Ethan Mathews says:

    Just wondering why America is still in Afghanistan and Iraq and a million other places… seems the US didn’t learn enough lessons from Vietnam….

    • Au Naturel Natalie says:

      If they wanted to “defend” us, they’d stay here and do it. They can’t defend us in another country lol Do you really believe we actually have any threats? The fact that over 53 countries signed on the Antartic Treaty should tell you otherwise.

    • Tentative Russell says:

      +Angelic Demon You’re an imbecile. The wars being waged throughout the world by America has nothing to do with self defense or fighting terrorism or spreading democracy. America itself has a long history of directly using terrorist tactics, not to mention all the terrorist proxies they use.

    • Angelic Demon says:

      +Tentative Russell Imbecile ?? not bragging but I have an iq of 150 points .
      Nasty rude comment brother, so much hate for a person who shares a different standpoint is really not good for this world.
      *Well My watch says its 1AM here so within 4 hours the Islamic prayer will start, forcing me wake up from my bed. I know the Imam here & if you just say what you told me to him he will definitely kiss you on your cheeks & might offer you a permanent job here also. Move to Pakistan,Yemen, Indonesia or Saudi Arabia, with your prior comment I’m sure your citizenship is guaranteed in these countries.??

  10. Unusual Gamer says:

    My condolences to the victims

    I support the second amendment and my views have not changed

  11. Bad Karma says:

    Oh big surprise.  Another killing in a state with the strictest gun laws.  The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a with a good guy with a gun.  Arm yourselves, America!

    • Samuel Stephen says:

      +Rob M Sensible gun laws that make sure future and current owners are in the right state to own guns. However, this is likely not going to happen soon enough, not with the state of US politics.

    • Samuel Stephen says:

      +Bad Karma Again, they don’t support your claim. The data gives mixed conclusions which means either side can twist the data to suit their beliefs. I’m just saying evidence does not show the ‘good guy with a gun’ in a better light the opposite views.

    • Cali_Boy19 says:

      +Samuel Stephen well gun laws ain’t the solution

    • David Chavez says:

      Texas and Flordia have some of the weakest gun control laws in the country. And we all know what happened there.

    • Tiffany and Co. says:

      But where are all of these good guys with guns when this happens? The shooter was a former Marine so he was trained. So some guy that shoots rabbits with his 6 year old should be able to save the day? I have guns in my home and I don’t think this is the solution.

  12. Tx240 says:

    Is this fake news? California passed magazine size and other gun restrictions so that this sort of thing wouldn’t be possible.

    Oh, wait. Criminals don’t obey laws. So, passing “feel good” legislation only prevents law abiding citizens from protecting themselves.

    This “gun control” legislation obviously doesn’t stop gun violence if a state with some of the most strict legislation has as much, or more, such crime as any other state.

    But, at least the politicians and naive citezenry who don’t care about their own constitutional rights have some laws they can feel good about.

    Get serious people. If you want to reduce gun violence you need to increase mental health outreach. Don’t say it’s too expensive unless you’re saying the lives lost to such crime are a better, cheaper alternative.

    • Steven Yourke says:

      Tx240 It’s a national problem and requires a federal solution. The Second Amendment as interpreted by the Supreme Court basically makes effective gun control impossible. The NRA owns the Republicans. This stuff only happens on a regular basis in the USA.

    • Daniel Pan says:

      It is just common sense, bouncers at bars and night clubs should have weapons.

    • Kevin Boyle says:

      Sae Kurosawa good point. Everyone with a gun thinks they’re the good guy. Until they’re not

    • Jerel Joseph says:

      Your forgetting this isn’t any criminal. Its a former MARINE.

  13. markseed says:

    Man, we seriously need to make carrying mandatory in this state.

  14. Trish Pere says:

    Hey remember when the U.S told college students not to go to Mexico for spring break because it was super dangerous?……………

    • Coco Brown says:

      Remember 2 days ago when PeeOTUS told Americans migrants were invading?

    • Benzo says:

      If you think this shooting was the same or worst than what happens in Mexico shows how uneducated you are ? stay in school and don’t get involved in this

    • BetoLaCebra says:

      If you dont belong to a Cartel in México you won’t get a shoot, but come on! Haven’t seen what happen in USA every week?? Shooting in school, shooting in a music event, shooting in night clubs and mostly this people are not guilty of something, that doesnt happen here in México. Mass shooting happen every month in USA ?‍♂️

    • Benzo says:

      BetoLaCebra so no innocent people get killed ? I guess there’s a different reason people try to leave Mexico and come to the U.S lmao all this mass shootings and Mexico still has more homocides lol stay in school buddy

    • steveXracer says:

      Its still dangerous. Go to Mexico at your own risk

  15. Christopher Grieb says:

    There must not have been a “No Guns Allowed” sign posted anywhere. That sure would’ve helped.

    • ThatAirForceGuy says:

      +TruckerExile E You also cant reason with gun grabbers. Whats your point

    • no name says:

      +TruckerExile E those antigun laws stopped the man from going into a bar with a gun those antihomocide laws also stop murders lol

    • RDM Man says:

      Yes it always does. Nut job has one and everyone else pays ? How about mental health issues that since 1776 we did not have ? Everyone had one and did not go crazy ? Years ago and not that many years was not a problem? Is a gun problem or mental health issue and check the shooters, they have an issue of prescribed meds.

    • Sótano Filmz says:

      +Elise K you don’t know how it happened or if the cop even saw it coming. Your point would be valid if it was western gun fight doing 10 pages and shooting.

    • D3LTATRAX says:

      Nope, but not letting him have the gun would.

  16. dwt says:

    *Here’s an idea: Let’s restrict the people’s rights to bear arms in California. That will prevent psychos from shooting soft targets and protect folks, right? Oh wait…*

    • Jacob w says:

      +Whitexican1301 “well regulated” never meant “take away your guns” nor “prevent the law abiding from getting them”. In 1767 dictionary, it meant “well trained”.

    • Jake Jones says:

      +Jacob w Not only that. It is a subordinate clause in the Second Amendment, meaning it does not stand alone.

    • Jacob w says:

      +Jake Jones Exactly. People today can not read PROPER ENGLISH LANGUAGE that was used in the 1770s-1790s.

  17. Ken Hawk says:

    Those ultra strict gun laws in California are working like a charm.

  18. Witelite101 says:

    Huh. The state with the toughest gun laws. Just doesnt make sense.

  19. Jeff Beck says:

    CNN will blame it on the president

    • Van Helsing says:

      And FOX will defend him and divert people’s arguments to mental health.

    • mattronimus says:

      Politics is pro wrestling.. it’s all fake. all of you right and left have been duped into fighting each other read these comments it’s scary how stupid everyone is.

    • ~Ito~ (糸) says:

      +tttttttt Those “Jobs” aren’t paid enough to have their workers live to get by. Trump declared N.Korea said It’d denuclearize, they didn’t. You won’t have extra spending money as he cut taxes for the rich. Stop gulping the faux news kool-aid

    • Aries April says:

      Shut up

  20. SHOTGUN EM DOWN says:

    I’m waiting for the day there’s the FBI standing outside my house coming to get my all my firearms ?all the messed up people who do this is ruining it for all us sane, responsible gun owners.

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