Californians Move to Texas Episode 4: The Gun Range

Californians Move to Texas Episode 4: The Gun Range

Steve and Timpani’s marriage is put to the test as the ex-Californians come up against their biggest Texan challenge yet: a gun range!

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Episode 3:

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45 Responses

  1. The Babylon Bee says:

    What firearms should Steve and Timpani try out next time?

  2. wolf says:

    I wish this was an actual TV show I love it

  3. CJ WHITE says:

    As a native Texas, born in Dallas, I love how accurate these portray Texans and the Californians moving here. Please keep the series going.

    • Steve Hal says:

      @Aaron S This is what I keep telling folks, as a lifelong Norcal resident I feel like I have a lot more in common with Texans than someone from the bay or SoCal

    • Random Commenter says:

      @Andrettski he probably just made a typo it’s not that deep

    • onlyme112 says:

      We weren’t born in Texas, but we got here as soon as we could. God Bless Texas!

    • Andrettski says:

      @Aaron S It’s terrible how these big liberal cities along the west coast ruin the rest of the state’s citizen’s livelihood.

    • Aaron S says:

      It depends where in california they’re from. I live in the northern part, and we’re very country up here.

  4. King of the Hill says:

    I’m so proud of the California couple. They’ve come such a long way. There is hope for a cure after all.

  5. Trey Kenley says:

    This was so dang funny. Also to really show proper character growth over just a few episodes for both of them. And man did that Allan Baldwin joke hit so hard. This whole time I swear they were setting up a joke where he was actually shooting blanks the whole time as a way to have a nice laugh with a harmless prank. Do not know much about Austin but what I heard about it is it is “like a bleach stain on a red shirt”, what a way to put it too.

  6. sapatomaluco says:

    This show deserves a spin-off introducing another couple from NY going to FL and later on the four of them accidentally meet in a theme park in their “converted” versions to mock CA and NY as if they never were that way.

    • abawitx says:


    • Diana B says:


    • Gray Smith says:

      That sounds amazing

    • ben mabry says:

      I can totally get behind that. I’ll even pitch another idea. What if there was a couple who came from Chicago and moved to a place like the swamps of Mississippi or even to Tennessee or something. I can image a black couple from Chicago moving down south to live near their family. You know how we all have those members in our family who keep at arms length because they are crazy? Well thats kind of the same concept/idea here too.

  7. SpaceDreamer9000 says:

    Steve is gradually becoming a proud Texan

    Edit: Glad to see Timpani starting to come around as well

    • Tonee Norman says:

      @GRENADABALL GAMING It is irresponsible to NOT teach your kids how to properly handle firearms if you have guns. Many people live rural,hunt for food, protect their livestock,keep for protection. Their children need to know the rules of proper handling. That’s what that guy was saying, when he said he’s been using guns since 5 years old,I hope…


      @Tonee Norman I didn’t say a pistol was a weapon of mass destruction I was talking about automatics also what is “responsible” about putting these deadly weapons near your children?

    • Linda Hartt-Goggin says:

      Love the Alex Baldwin rule!

    • Tonee Norman says:

      @GRENADABALL GAMING Honey,a pistol or BB gun are not “weapons of mass destruction “. I don’t love guns,but,I sure wish I knew how to use one. I think it’s very responsible for a family with guns,to teach their children the rules and safety procedures.

    • Jordan Humphrey says:

      The smell of burning gunpowder has the power to change people.

  8. JG says:

    I like how these dudes are actually trying to help the new guy out and give him subtle directions 😂

  9. James Burrell says:

    I love this series. Steve shoots like he is in a movie and that had me in tears.

  10. Diana B says:

    Yep, it’s official. This is my favorite BB series. So much truth packed into so much comedy. LOL’d enough to wake the kids up!

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