Call Me By Your Name (2017) – Official Trailer

Call Me By Your Name (2017) – Official Trailer

CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, the new film by Luca Guadagnino, is a sensual and transcendent tale of first love, based on the acclaimed novel by André Aciman.

It’s the summer of 1983 in the north of Italy, and Elio Perlman (Timothée Chalamet), a precocious 17- year-old American-Italian boy, spends his days in his family’s 17th century villa transcribing and playing classical music, reading, and flirting with his friend Marzia (Esther Garrel).
Elio enjoys a close relationship with his father (Michael Stuhlbarg), an eminent professor specializing in Greco-Roman culture, and his mother Annella (Amira Casar), a translator, who favor him with the fruits of high culture in a setting that overflows with natural delights. While Elio’s sophistication and intellectual gifts suggest he is already a fully-fledged adult, there is much that yet remains innocent and unformed about him, particularly about matters of the heart.
One day, Oliver (Armie Hammer), a charming American scholar working on his doctorate, arrives as the annual summer intern tasked with helping Elio’s father. Amid the sun-drenched
splendor of the setting, Elio and Oliver discover the heady beauty of awakening desire over the course of a summer that will alter their lives forever.

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20 Responses

  1. viki hola says:

    I was waiting for so long for the trailer and now I’ve already seen it like 50 times! It’s PERFECT!!! Also the book made me cry so hard and I still keep thinking about it every day. A MASTERPIECE, I would say.

  2. arvs095 says:

    If this has a sad ending Im done. Too many lgbt films with tragic endings. Monotonous and boring IF this is the case, For once, I would like that typical “happily ever after” just to put a lovely smile on my face after watching a movie

  3. tom john says:

    hey anyone know the age of the kid in this get a weird young vibe from this for some reason??

  4. Tourists Discover says:

    It feels as if a new Classic is about to enter the catalogue of LGBT cinema.

    100% on RT, average score of 9.7/10 and a 98 on Metacritic. Wow.

  5. Anton Nito says:

    “Triumphant and Heartbreaking.” Oh wowzers another depressing gay movie with no happy ending! We definitely don’t have tons of those! Oh and hetero sex and romantic scenes in a gay movie, those are never in almost every gay movie!

  6. UnbelievabIeMontages says:

    Song in the trailer is a new song called Mystery of Love by Sufjan Stevens

  7. TheLifeOnHigh says:

    There’s a creep factor to this that cannot be ignored. That boy looks 16-17yrs old ?

  8. ItIsDarkestBeforeDawn says:

    Trash movie

  9. NERDSMASHER5000 says:

    Film about homosexual pedo relationship is trending despite having under 5k views. Really makes you think.

  10. Andy D says:

    So pedophilia is acceptable now? You all like diddling little kids?

  11. PanGrix says:

    Normalization of pedophilia and degeneracy. Wouldn’t expect nothing else from hollywood.

  12. Michael Tan says:

    The “young” character is 21… but just because they are gay everyone is calling it pedophilia. Also, the other character is 30 years old!!!! I GOOGLED THAT SHIT IN 5 SECONDS!!! stop making assumptions you homophobes

  13. Mason K says:

    Interesting to see so many homophobic comments lol. It makes me wonder how there are so many people who are so offended by homosexuality and yet, it seems as though they proactively look for homoerotic contents to indulge in to “comment”. It makes me how many of these are conflicted, self-loathing gay men rejecting their inner-shame.

  14. Jun Kazama says:

    TO EVERYONE CALLING THIS FILM PEDOPHILIA: You’re fucking idiots. Learn what pedophilia is. The actor; Timothee Chalamet is 21, he’s AN ADULT, not a CHILD, just because someone looks young doesn’t mean they are, so quit it. (Not to mention that the character in the book is 17 — THE AGE OF CONSENT IN ITALY, WHERE THE STORY TAKES PLACE, IS 16)

    ALSO, who are you to deny the feelings of your queer people? Being gay is not something you choose the second you turn 18 — it’s who you are. I know people who’ve known their sexualities at the age of 4, and yet the media continues treat the queer youth like a bunch of nonexistent mythical creatures. Films like CALL ME BY YOUR NAME are so important for THIS REASON. Because no matter what you are GAY, STRAIGHT, BI, TRANS: You are HUMAN and your LOVE IS VALID!

  15. wolf Larsen says:

    Literally produced directed and starred by all jewish-marxist butt pirates, oh America , Member the 80’s, member Reagen, member when marriage was between a man and a women, Oh I member, 🙁

  16. Kyle Roberts says:

    If this film were about a straight couple, most of the negative comments on here wouldn’t exist. Still says we have a long way to go.

  17. Jairus The Adventurer! says:

    Yuck! Why is it that gay people are less than 1% or the population here in the US, and the media and Hollywood have to cram this all down our throats? I think homosexuality is wrong! I don’t have to accept it! Not to mention this is straight pedophilia!

  18. Kyle Vesey says:

    One of the most honest, romantic, and elegiac depictions of love I have ever encountered in literature or film. No matter your sex or sexuality, everyone can relate to the feelings expressed herein: of desire, lust, obsession, and the yearnings of youth that come and go, but leave you wanting. This deserves all the praise and recognition it is receiving.

    I am appalled at the comments. How about you watch the film first before judging it? Better yet, read the goddamn book! Have some humanity, and open yourselves up to something beautiful.

    This will for sure be a Best Picture frontrunner, and also Best Actors and Supporting Actor contenders. Looks like a gorgeous masterpiece of film, and most certainly an instant classic.

  19. Critikal says:

    When the trailer for Atomic Blonde came out and showcased a lesbian couple, NO ONE batted an eye? Now, because it’s between two men, people suddenly get mad about it?

  20. Jake Bsn says:

    1. This is not pedophilia, the young guy is 21, learn what pedophilia means
    2. They are not gay, they are bisexual.

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