Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® – The Story So Far

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® – The Story So Far

This story is far from over.

Season 4 kicks off June 3.

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74 Responses

  1. jk12324 says:

    Price slides hand into the Infinity Gauntlet: “Fine, I’ll do it myself.”

  2. Aryan Patil says:

    When price said “Bravo six going dark”. Dat gave me chills boi.

  3. Chris A says:

    I just love this COD so much everything about it is amazing

  4. rafael santiago says:

    Next week it’s gonna be
    “Will the real Captain Price please stand up?”

  5. Kilo Shark says:

    Me: *so hyped for the new content*

    My console: *gets hit with 50gb update* Bravo six going dark

  6. Wyatt Wagner says:

    Boy I sure can’t wait to get dropshotted by price with a mp5 in multiplayer now

  7. Daniel Terlecki says:

    Really Price? I like him but we don’t have still even one allegiance operator from battle pass

  8. Chris Moist says:

    Can’t wait to be on a team with captain price and his 5 government issued clones against a team of 6 evil price clones

  9. Haydar Havili says:

    Modern warfare update: Did you do it?
    Me: Yes
    Modern warfare update: What did it cost?
    Me: 100 GB


    Me: sees the amount of cod points you need.

    My bank addressing the public: sorry, but we are bankrupt

  11. wahyu rifai says:

    Season 4 Coming..

    My Hard drive: bravo six going dark

  12. Keyman Jr. says:

    This is about to be Price’s second trip to the gulag😭

  13. Stef Alkema says:

    Everybody talking about price me just happy seeing gaz

  14. Daniel ville says:

    rip my dreams of playing soap this season.

  15. SageMode Ed says:

    Season 4: *exists*
    Ps4 storage: “ I can’t……I’m not strong enough….”

  16. Phone says:

    Scrapyard MW2 / Boneyard MW coming to MP. Can be seen within the “Season Four” logo at 0:59

  17. Carlos Ortega says:

    I feel like theyre going to add a “night mode” in Warzone…

    Captain Price: Bravo 6 Going Dark

  18. Rúnda says:

    This game needs interaction lines between characters. I can just hear the dialogue in my head:

    Ghost: “Back from the dead ey 31?”
    Alex: “Your one to talk Riley”

    Zane: “You are one of the best Jackals of our time”
    Grinch: “No, I’m THE best. I killed all the competition remember?”

    Nikto: “You cannot run forever manbynk”
    Krueger: “Do you plan to stop me FSB?”

  19. Alen Gultekin says:

    Me: How many GB is going to be the new season 4 update?
    Activison: Yes

  20. IamWatchingYou says:

    Me: sees Price

    My wallet: „going dark“

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