Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® & Warzone – Official Season Four Trailer

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® & Warzone – Official Season Four Trailer

Task Force 141, Going Hot.

50v50 Warzone Rumble, new MP game modes, the 141 crew, and more—Season Four of Modern Warfare is now live.

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83 Responses

  1. IAmToasty says:

    Ayo you guys still owe me cod points and stuff but choose to neglect me I’ll play cod just not gonna buy stuff if I’ll just lose it and never get it back 🤣

  2. JERDASH says:

    Juggernaut in warzone…

  3. Imaginary Fries says:

    50 v 50 ground war and everyone is gonna be Captain Price

  4. jungy says:

    I’m gonna have to buy a new console to download this update

  5. Xraiden says:

    My storage: *cries in the corner*

  6. Dunked TV says:

    Na fam, my Playstation can’t handle this anymore. Literally the only game I have downloaded 😔😂

  7. BSJ IN YO HOUSE says:

    Captain Price: “Let’s do this!”

    My console on the brink of no storage: No, I don’t think i will

  8. Firestorm123 says:

    Me: *New update for only 80 gigabyte*


  9. TheGhostGamer says:

    My hard drive: TACTICAL NUKE INCOMING!

  10. Darxis says:

    MW: Are you read-

    My console gasping for air and deepthroating every update, hotfix, patch and dlc:

    *pls no*

  11. ChiDaMo says:

    Come on,you can’t just leave Soap behind.

  12. Nabiel FFGI says:

    New season 4 *Exist*

    My Hard Drive: *My time has come*

  13. PUTIN'S NEIGHBOR says:

    Warzone rumble expectations: 0:26
    Reality: *everyone camps with snipers*

  14. SkillShot Gaming says:

    Me: WAIT 50 VS 50, NO WAY, now I can use my ghost skin.

    Other people: we use Mara skins.

  15. Bob Bro says:

    personally, if they would have just added more story to single player I would have loved that

    • Penguin XD says:

      How illegal

    • Muhammed Patel says:

      Just single player? They need new spec ops missions

    • The Un1mportant YouTube Channel says:

      Thats likely to never happen lol, the amount of cash needed for motion capture alone easily make it a 30$ expansion pack.

    • Ali Alatrach says:

      @Muhammed Patel I think as long both Coalition and Allegiance are fighting in Warzone, we won’t receive any new missions. Remember, we play as both teams in Spec Ops and the story goes into warzone where they turned on each other. But we will see.

    • cereal says:

      Play the next cod mw then, which would be an older one

  16. OwO says:

    “We have been fighting this war for decades”

    Prestige Master Players: “Ha, that’s it? Don’t make me laugh”

  17. Rúnda says:

    My Storage vs Call of Duty: *”We’ve been fighting this war for decades.”*

  18. Kerim Gürsu says:

    Captain Price: Lets do this!
    My console: Oh, I dont think so..

  19. delanskie VEVO says:

    Modern warfare’s update: hippety hoppety your storage is now my property

  20. North Texas Fishing says:

    Capt price “ lets do this “

    My WiFi: nah I don’t really feel like it

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