Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® & Warzone – Season 3 Trailer

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® & Warzone – Season 3 Trailer

Take it to the next level.

Experience Season 3 including old friends, bigger squads, fresher rides, and more. Coming tomorrow for #ModernWarfare and #Warzone.

Season 3 arrives for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone on 4.8.20.

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80 Responses

  1. Emrah Omerovic says:

    Me: Finishing S3 update and launch the game
    My Ps4: “Bravo Six going loud, over.”

  2. BGz GamersVoid says:

    Infinity Ward “The biggest war in COD History”

    Update Memory “biggest huh?”

  3. Luke says:

    Not a single soul:

    Call of Duty Warzone: *you need 150 gigabytes to play this game*

  4. not me says:

    COD: New season
    Me: how much gigs

  5. Zucchini Noodles says:

    0:21 I cant believe they brought back Chen from AW

  6. Mango juice says:

    Alex’s finishing move is going to be him making a dark humor joke about himself then beat you with his leg. He’s going to say ” i cant stand you! I can’t stand right in general!” then he domes you like five or six times

  7. droseforlife11 says:

    COD: Did you download the update?
    Me: Yes
    COD: What did it cost?
    Me: My storage

  8. Trash says:

    If Alex’s prosthetic leg doesn’t have a finishing move, I’m deleting the game

  9. iSven says:

    0:32 I love that engine truck sound!

  10. Cian Mulligan says:

    Can we shoot Alex’s leg and watch him crawl around

  11. Gilleecey says:

    This update is gonna be so big, it’ll be the only game you’ll be playing! because you had to delete all the other games to download the update.

    • Nathan Buchanan says:

      Gilleecey I’ve had to delete 3 games for season 2 update … like all I have left is Rainbow 6 and cod downloaded and ready to go ..

  12. Taz Da Goon says:

    me: new mw update. im gonna enjoy this

    my 500GB ps4: *Laughs in more storage needed*

  13. Trendy Tendie says:

    They showed Alex and ghost talking to each other just to put the nail in the coffin that Alex isn’t ghost

  14. Lanu says:

    Everybody: alex is alive!
    Me: i want mw3 maps

  15. Noah Katrincsak says:

    When Ghost says “Ready for a Gunfight” is he talking about 2v2 or is it just an expression

  16. Jean Adames says:

    Me: wow that looks cool. Let me jus-

    My ps4: *don’t even think about it*

  17. Michael Vasconcelos says:

    This game has the most uncompressed game files I’ve ever seen.

    • dan sham x says:

      Just Rez Monkeys and fat people play sport video games. Go outside and shoot some hoops for yourself, it’s better for your body.

    • larry Williams says:

      @dan sham x Or you could literally just do both

    • Jack Copperz says:

      Tools fly out of toolboxes,
      Swings aren’t static,
      Every magazine with a bullet display in the game correctly displays how many bullets there are (even with pistols where you only see them for a split second),
      Car tires correctly deflate when shot
      And there’s all the highly detailed maps
      Plus the 5-hour, highly detailed campaign.

      It’s not uncompressed.
      It’s just so insanely big

    • dan sham x says:

      larry Williams Or you could literally just not be a monkey

    • Unshaken says:

      That’s not how compression works

  18. Kane McNash says:

    Sees other installed games:
    “Who dies now, uh?”

  19. George Poupos says:

    me updating mw

    system: did you do it
    me: yes
    system: what did it cost
    me: Spiderman

  20. Rizuol says:

    *”The Biggest War in Call of Duty History”*

    the whole mw series: am i a joke to you?

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