Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® & Warzone – Season 3 Trailer

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® & Warzone – Season 3 Trailer

Take it to the next level.

Experience Season 3 including old friends, bigger squads, fresher rides, and more. Coming tomorrow for #ModernWarfare and #Warzone.

Season 3 arrives for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone on 4.8.20.

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80 Responses

  1. Emrah Omerovic says:

    Me: Finishing S3 update and launch the game
    My Ps4: “Bravo Six going loud, over.”

  2. BGz GamersVoid says:

    Infinity Ward “The biggest war in COD History”

    Update Memory “biggest huh?”

  3. Luke says:

    Not a single soul:

    Call of Duty Warzone: *you need 150 gigabytes to play this game*

  4. not me says:

    COD: New season
    Me: how much gigs

  5. Zucchini Noodles says:

    0:21 I cant believe they brought back Chen from AW

    • dan sham x says:

      Lewis Dolmas No it’s not… that’s definitely Chen from AW. Do you not remember?

    • Lewis Dolmas says:

      @dan sham x brother please

    • dan sham x says:

      Lewis Dolmas Ight since you call me brother yeah that’s Tu Lam

    • Jeff says:

      For those who dont understand the Tu Lam thing above, the character is literally retired Sergeant Major Tu Lam of the United States Army Special Forces aka Green Berets. He owns and runs Ronin Tactics, a company named after his nickname he picked up while in the Army.

    • VegaBond says:

      Dude, its Tu Lam. Look him up and Ronin Tactics on google.

  6. Mango juice says:

    Alex’s finishing move is going to be him making a dark humor joke about himself then beat you with his leg. He’s going to say ” i cant stand you! I can’t stand right in general!” then he domes you like five or six times

  7. droseforlife11 says:

    COD: Did you download the update?
    Me: Yes
    COD: What did it cost?
    Me: My storage

  8. Trash says:

    If Alex’s prosthetic leg doesn’t have a finishing move, I’m deleting the game

  9. iSven says:

    0:32 I love that engine truck sound!

  10. Cian Mulligan says:

    Can we shoot Alex’s leg and watch him crawl around

  11. Gilleecey says:

    This update is gonna be so big, it’ll be the only game you’ll be playing! because you had to delete all the other games to download the update.

    • Nathan Buchanan says:

      Gilleecey I’ve had to delete 3 games for season 2 update … like all I have left is Rainbow 6 and cod downloaded and ready to go ..

  12. Taz Da Goon says:

    me: new mw update. im gonna enjoy this

    my 500GB ps4: *Laughs in more storage needed*

  13. Trendy Tendie says:

    They showed Alex and ghost talking to each other just to put the nail in the coffin that Alex isn’t ghost

  14. Lanu says:

    Everybody: alex is alive!
    Me: i want mw3 maps

  15. Noah Katrincsak says:

    When Ghost says “Ready for a Gunfight” is he talking about 2v2 or is it just an expression

    • Break The Fast says:


    • John Doe says:

      he meant rust 1v1 no scope snipers

    • J says:

      It’s an expression used by operators and most experienced combat soldiers. It’s like saying, were about to receive contact. In fact this exact line was said during “operation redwings” shortly before their death. The movie “Lone Survivor” movie was based off of that operation and that exact line was said during the movie. As quoted/directed by the only survivor himself.

    • The Earls Renegade says:

      Translation: 1v1 me at rust B****.

    • Noah Katrincsak says:

      The Earls Renegade haha I like that

  16. Jean Adames says:

    Me: wow that looks cool. Let me jus-

    My ps4: *don’t even think about it*

  17. Michael Vasconcelos says:

    This game has the most uncompressed game files I’ve ever seen.

    • dan sham x says:

      Just Rez Monkeys and fat people play sport video games. Go outside and shoot some hoops for yourself, it’s better for your body.

    • larry Williams says:

      @dan sham x Or you could literally just do both

    • Jack Copperz says:

      Tools fly out of toolboxes,
      Swings aren’t static,
      Every magazine with a bullet display in the game correctly displays how many bullets there are (even with pistols where you only see them for a split second),
      Car tires correctly deflate when shot
      And there’s all the highly detailed maps
      Plus the 5-hour, highly detailed campaign.

      It’s not uncompressed.
      It’s just so insanely big

    • dan sham x says:

      larry Williams Or you could literally just not be a monkey

    • Unshaken says:

      That’s not how compression works

  18. Kane McNash says:

    Sees other installed games:
    “Who dies now, uh?”

  19. George Poupos says:

    me updating mw

    system: did you do it
    me: yes
    system: what did it cost
    me: Spiderman

  20. Rizuol says:

    *”The Biggest War in Call of Duty History”*

    the whole mw series: am i a joke to you?

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