Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer Review

Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer Review

Call of Duty Vanguard gameplay from PC Vanguard. This video is a critical review of CoD Vanguard gameplay from the standpoint of a PC player. I chose not to play on PS5 because I know that most of you will not be able to due to shortages. I think this game has experienced a huge improvement from beta. The audio, the graphics, the destructible environments, the sun, and just about everything has been improved.

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38 Responses

  1. deep state fan boy says:

    Kill feed, STG with a few mp 40s sprinkled in there. Everyone is sweating

  2. Dan McGuire says:

    Hope you get on the path to recovery very soon. I’ve been dealing with some serious health issues for over a month now and thought of the issues you’ve shared in the past. I’m sorry to hear you’re having more trouble 😞.

  3. Barry Chuckle says:

    I feel kinda bad for Sledgehammer cos it sounds like they’ve made a good game, but Cold War has burned me out on the franchise so badly that I really can’t bring myself to try Vanguard

  4. Zee-Z Zee says:

    Damn, looks like they did a good job in the end, bet I wouuld have a lot of fun with this CoD. Shame I can’t justify giving money to actibliz at the moment

  5. TheErikjsm says:

    So far this game is really fun on release feels like a very good balance of mw and cw this year is gonna be much more bareable to grind guns for wz

    • Jackson Douglas says:

      @Tez SBMM Moaners Explained: “I’m only good at COD against shitters so don’t like it when I face a challenge. It makes me insecure about my ability in the game.”

    • Nathaniel says:

      @Jackson Douglas no we’ve all gone through the gauntlet to get better at Cod during the glory days. There was no handicap for the shitters and the top players wernt punished for doing well. It’s funny seeing someone defend SBMM Bc they put a target on themselves as completly dogshit

    • Taha Faisal says:

      @Jackson Douglas ive played cod for years, and i like to think im pretty good but why have sbmm? just add it into a ranked gamemode where u gain/lose mmr and get rewarded for it, and then pubs can be for the causals

    • Jackson Douglas says:

      @Nathaniel I play Battlefield smh

    • Jackson Douglas says:

      @Taha Faisal I agree ☝️

  6. Tate Simonson says:

    So far this has been the best review I’ve seen in terms of this review makes me hopeful

  7. Jordan Jolly says:

    I was skeptical after playing the beta, but it seems as though Sledgehammer is making some significant changes and listening to the community. My only complaint is disbanding lobbies/ no maps vote :/

  8. Archivist42 says:

    I had very low expectations for the game, but this video sounds very positive. Will be playing tomorrow, and my hype level has gone from a 1 to a 5 🙂 Thanks Drift0r

  9. GMatz says:

    I’ve got to give it to Sledgehammer for really listening to the community and releasing the game with just so much content. It’s a shame that Cold War really put me off from Cod, I want to like and be excited for this game, but the WW2 setting just isn’t doing it for me right now.

  10. William Arnold says:

    Seriously, who likes all those lens flares/depth of view/motion blur options?

    • Drift0r says:

      I have no idea. I think game devs have been watching movies and trying to design campaigns to play like an action film. That also includes adding all of the camera effects. It might looks realistic in film but it looks bizarre in an FPS game that should be more attuned to human eyes and not a lens.

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