Call of Duty®: Vanguard – Official Teaser

Call of Duty®: Vanguard – Official Teaser

Join the #BattleofVerdansk and experience the worldwide reveal of Call of Duty: Vanguard

📅 – 8/19
🕥 – 10:30am PT
📍 – Verdansk

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50 Responses

  1. DJ Davonas says:

    Youtubers be like: “10 details you missed in the new COD: Vanguard Teaser”

  2. Isaac Evanoff says:

    Really hope they actually integrate the Russian and Japanese fronts this time. They really should take notes from world at war in that regard instead of remaking the same D Day mission for like the 7th time.

  3. mxpxboy77 says:

    If they’re focusing more on Warzone instead of the regular multiplayer, it’s already dead to me.

  4. Spike Boy says:

    The people who came up with this idea for a cod were like “Guys guys I’ve got an idea. Captain Price but young.”

  5. MrMonki says:

    Can’t wait to see our main character survive literally anything

  6. bigman says:

    Can’t wait for the “retake the hill” mission

  7. Mofrogin Gaming says:

    They really think they can fool us with the whole “gritty realistic” vibe. We all know the game is gonna be full of anime clown skins running around with dark matter assault rifles on d day. Not realistic or gritty in the slightest

    • Skais Jackson says:

      Maybe in mp where it’s an arcade shooter. But not the campaign, that’s supposed to immerse you in ww2

    • BLEEP BLOCK says:

      @Your Nightmare get a time machine and tell that to EA when they were working on battlefield 5

    • Bully Maguire says:

      @Markus Ronkainen cry about it

    • Romanian_Guy7.62 says:

      @Your Nightmare I highly doubt that Sledgehammer will add women in the campaign…maybe multiplayer but not the story. While activision cares about woke politics, sledgehammer has never failed to deliver us an amazing campaign. So I suggest that u sit back and relax, and enjoy this game for what it is.

    • Gatling Spletzer the Inkhog says:

      Shut up

  8. 81mph says:

    When i first heard him spoke i genuinely got tricked into thinking this was another pacific rim teaser

  9. Gorilla says:

    I wonder if we will have Reznov or other WAW/BO1 characters connected to it since it plays in the same universe/timeline or even have Grandpa Price from Cod2

    • Braylen says:

      @ClashWaRz12 Isn’t WW2 a completely different era? because I heard something about Steiner would be in this which is probably a myth.

    • EdFerl says:

      @train_go_boom2065 MW19, Black Ops series, and vanguard are in the same universe, also the next call of duty will be in warzone universe too, we know warzone was an Activision moneymaker

    • KWally says:

      You do know that them all being connected thru WZ is Activision making fun of gamers for saying how every gaming universe is somehow connected, right?

    • train_go_boom2065 says:

      @EdFerl i knew mw19 and the next mw is in bo universe but i didn’t know vanguard was

    • Diomidis Nikolaou says:

      @ClashWaRz12 not confirmed, but probably not

  10. sounwave says:

    it’s funny seeing how over the years ppl have gone from being excited for a new cod to knowing exactly how bad the new game is going to end up bc of activision’s greed

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