Cam Girl Obsession Turns Deadly [ Amato Case ] – Mystery & Makeup GRWM | Bailey Sarian

Cam Girl Obsession Turns Deadly [ Amato Case ] – Mystery & Makeup GRWM | Bailey Sarian

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Hi friends happy Monday !
We’ve got a long one! I went down a rabbit hole on this story. Thank you for always sending recommendations my way, I so greatly appreciate you guys for doing that. Love and appreciate you guys so much and I hope to be seeing you very soon.
x o
Bailey Sarian

Grant Amato Court Trial –


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68 Responses

  1. Bailey Sarian says:

    Hi friends happy Monday! Hope you are all staying safe and healthy out there <3 Buckle in kitty cats, todays story is a wild ride. 
    Also, this makeup look really isn’t my favorite but hey… its just makeup it washes off so have some fun and play around a little bit. Xo Bailey Sarian
    Grant Amato Court Trial -

    My Social Media Accounts 
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    Snapchat : BaileySarian 
    Tik Tok : BaileySarian

    • Liz Aster says:

      You should look up Steven Pfiel soon! It happened in the town I live in. It’s pretty twisted.

    • Andrew Strizhov says:

      PLEASE PLEAAASE do a vid about Anatoliy Moskvin!!! A pretty sick guy, he was digging out lil girls corpses and made dolls of them! I bet you’d like the story, it’s WILD
      Also, I absolutely love your videos, they’re great to have on the background while doing something boring like clean-up or morning runs.
      With love from Russia heheheh

    • charline estrada says:

      Can you please talk about Albert fish. I love your videos you’re so amazing!!😍

    • Jennifer Landise says:

      ARE WE EVER GETTING A MERCH RESTOCKKKKKK. I NeEd that suspish hoodie 😭

    • morg • says:

      I LOVE seeing your subscriber count go up!! It’s makes me so happy that more people get to enjoy your content and get to witness your great personality 💓

  2. Caitty B. says:

    You should design a case with the theme of “SUSPISH”

  3. Alicia K says:

    This guy is such a loser what is wrong with him.

  4. the1theonly _princesseri says:

    “Cold, balding, emotionless fragile vampire”

  5. Carla56 says:

    Grant didn’t know this wasn’t a real relationship? The family should have pressed charges against him would have saved them

  6. good night says:

    they shouldve pressed charges on him as soon as he stole money the second time, no cam girls in prison

  7. Alyvia Boddie says:

    Bailey: this story takes place in florida
    Me:isn’t that just so surprising

  8. madomfitness says:

    When you said, “This is why I can’t be a
    parent…” literally same.

  9. Julissa Morales says:

    This makeup kinda makes her look like Mila Kunis

  10. Giselle Nuveau says:

    I literally can’t imagine anyone doing this. This guy gave all this money to a girl he could never touch. This is horrifically absurd.

  11. Breanna Brooks says:

    She’s rockin the reverse Christina Aguilera

  12. Liz Morgan says:

    *Sylvie has left the chat.*

  13. wildflowerabby says:

    this case was horrible, i can’t ever imagine the pain the family is going through

  14. FinalFantasy7Freak6 says:

    He doesn’t look like a vampire, he looks like Dumbo.

  15. Gina Ann says:

    A story about a loving and caring family, who would do anything for their kids and one turns and kills them because he had a cam girl. So disgusting. He’ll have some attention in prison now.

  16. Marika Dolinsky says:

    This guy was seriously messed up, he didn’t deserve such a loving family.

  17. Farah Ajili says:

    Here’s a story suggestion : Here in France there’s a scandal thats been going on for years : the mass grave Paris-Descartes, people donated their bodies to science and the institute that lead the research totally mistreated the bodies, employees would play soccer with decapitated heads, smoke cigarettes and leave them inside some bodies, leave the bodies piled up outside of fridges exposed to rats and rot.. are you thinking what I’m thinking ? Food for a noggin 😉

    • Mandi Taylor says:

      That’s horrific

    • collettebyz says:

      Wait what really weird, ok need to search on it . Merci

    • MademoiselleLenore says:

      Damn…c’est arrivé quand?

    • ChristyMarie46 says:

      There is a very similar case here in the U.S. An Arizona body donation center was raided by the FBI in 2014 and FBI agents found bodies in buckets, there was a male body with a woman’s head sewn on the top, a cooler filled with..male body parts, and more. The facility had been selling human body parts for profit (for as much as $2900). If anyone is interested, it’s called the Biological Resource Center in AZ and the owner’s name?….Stephen Gore!

    • Nany says:

      That would be an awesome case for Caitlin Doughty to cover! You could suggest it on her channel @askamortician

  18. iTs NoT a PrObLeM aNyMoRe says:

    bailey: they seemed to all have guns, they were a gun family
    me: oh no

  19. Triin V says:

    At first I thought he was stalking this girl and killed her, but the story went another way.

  20. Vianney Flores says:

    You can’t even say “monitor what your kids are doing” because he was a THIRTY YEAR OLD MAN!!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️

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