Camila Cabello Carpool Karaoke

Camila Cabello Carpool Karaoke

James Corden asks his pal Camila Cabello to help him carpool through the LA traffic and the two sing her big hits from “Havana” to “Don’t Go Yet” to “Bam Bam.” And James asks Camila about both the journey her parents took to create a new life in America for their daughter. And before James hooks Camila up to a lie detector test, she admits her love for Harry Styles is what inspired her to audition for “The X Factor.”

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30 Responses

  1. a wise mf said says:

    I love how respectful James was about her family’s experience. Camilas family story truly is the definition of American dream. Look at her now one of the most successful female artists today. Her parents must be so proud.

    • Lalo Dumas says:

      @; She wasn’t racist was young when rb those memes

    • Don Electrón says:

      @; bro, c’mon She’s apologized for it thousands of times, but somehow or another the haters always end up bringing it up again.

    • Aen Gela says:

      l’d love to be
      hot youngboy is my idol.
      Sexs Hes the person I aspire to be, hes
      my light of day.

    • Nina Ni says:

      I′d love to be Melon-Jk.Monster
      hot youngboy is my idol.
      Sexs Hes the person l aspire to be, hes my light of day.

    • Thomas M. says:

      @Michael Hayes I really recommend you listen to her new album Familia. And I’m saying this as someone who is obsessed with music. She’s a breath of fresh air, super original.

  2. Fer dmpn says:

    She’s so genuine and funny. I knew I needed a Carpool Karaoke with her but I didn’t know it was going to become my favorite

  3. Mr Scheff says:

    She is the definition of how a person should enjoy in their life she has such a positive energy

  4. Cosette Laplante says:

    She needs her own series. I think she has some underlying acting skills.

    • Fuel_EdbyMusic says:

      @Toothless the Night Fury You come here to the only purpose to hate

    • A M says:

      She was in the Cinderella Amazon movie last year and… it was… decent-ish, not bad but… but not good either. But I think with a little bit more practice and experience, she can become a good actress if she decides to pursue it.

    • Toothless the Night Fury says:

      @Jordan Haller biggest? I love her as anauthor but that movie was … and her acting was … 😅

  5. JonathanTiki says:

    I appreciate her opening up and sharing her and her parents journey. Her album Familia is a beautiful representation of her culture and maturity. Latina represent!✨🥳

    • Chief Wildhorse says:

      @Stephanie caBAEYO
      It was a live feed.

    • Stephanie caBAEYO says:

      @Chief Wildhorse it wasn’t her lmaoo she got hacked 🙄 do ur research

    • Fuel_EdbyMusic says:

      @Sumayyah She rb those memes when she was young but she is not that person anymore she has been supporting black lives matters for years and using her platforms against racism also donating.
      Camila went to George Floyd protests, shared links for Breonna Taylor and has been helping for several years.

    • Chief Wildhorse says:

      @bitter queen
      It was just 3 years ago.

  6. Victoria Diakou says:

    Camila sounds exactly like she does in the studio, insane.

    • Fuel_EdbyMusic says:

      @narcotiza She is not lip synching just the music is very loud and James microphone stop with the lies you are like a bot repeating the same over and over like a broken record

    • Fuel_EdbyMusic says:

      @Michelle Bae The music was very loud and James microphone also Camila was like not doing any effort she sometimes in interviews or shows gets distracted

    • Fuel_EdbyMusic says:

      @Jeffery Arnold The music and James microphone was very loud she is not lip synching

    • Michelle Bae says:

      @narcotiza or… different people happen to have different voice volumes + they’re singing her songs (presumably, only know Señorita) and because it’s literally her voice it blends in together with the stereo.

  7. Soulicide says:

    Camilla is such a neat person. I bet she’s an amazing person to just hang out with. I can totally see her having a blast at an amusement park running around and laughing. park Great episode!

  8. Ash Peters says:

    Not only is Camila talented, but she is genuine, down to earth, funny, goofy & beautiful. what a woman ❤️

    • Dila Bi says:

      I′d love to be Melon-Jk.Monster
      hot youngboy is my idol.
      Sexs Hes the person l aspire to be, hes my light of day..

  9. Christian Granados says:

    She is so simple so kind so human and talented, she deserves everything!!!

  10. Ashley Nicole Torres says:

    Love Camila! So touching to hear about her personal journey to where she is today. She seems like such a wonderful soul

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