Campaign 3: Behind the Set

Campaign 3: Behind the Set

See how the set for Critical Role Campaign 3 went from concept to reality in this behind-the-scenes video! Special thanks to Shaun Ellis, Holly Hodges, and the team at Flip This Bitch for helping us realize this long brewing dream.

Campaign 3 premieres Thursday, October 21st at 7pm Pacific on and and the audio-only version will be available one week later on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Critical Role Land designs curtesy of Shaun Ellis

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37 Responses

  1. Semblance of Sanity says:

    Critical Role Land is inevitable now mwahaha

    • Connor Bozynski says:

      Campaign 5 I’m calling

    • StrayBats says:

      I can see it now. Marisha brings the idea forward to Matt during dinner…

      Marisha: “So I got this idea. I found this amazing Critter who’s a professional theme-park designer!”

      Matt: !!!!!!

      Marisha: “He’s gonna help us design the set for our next campaign!”

      Matt: “Cool. Cool cool cool cool cool cool… tell me more :’)”

    • Jazzyruf says:

      I’d be happy with something even on the scale of a festival or like how they do renaissance Faires? Enough to make it visibly Exandria but small enough to be affordable

    • Ursula Cormier says:

      I’d buy a week vacation there!

    • Shadow Owner says:

      CR: Critters do you know how much a theme park costs?
      Critters: *writes ridiculously large checks* Yes

  2. Joel Parisi says:

    “Theme park concept artist”
    one step closer to Critical Role Land. Matt’s plan is all coming together.

    • Владимир Арановский says:

      I’d like to remind everyone that the Legend of Vox Machina started with them getting to know animators for a song Sam Riegel made as an ad. Now they know a theme park team…

    • Dapper says:

      Oh yeah, it’s all coming together…

    • Mach Dude says:

      I do not doubt that they very much already have a concept drawn up. Now the question is how big it can get. Or how long it will take before Universal buys the concept to convert into their own thing a la Magical World of Harry Potter.

    • Roberth Daniel Rubio says:

      Well Matt is a visionary. Let’s all admit it. Hehehe

    • McHaten says:

      and another check on the pedowood produced screenplay. cause you know. pro produced, pro designed, pro actors. prefilmed video broadcasts. exactly the same as any other tv series at this point.

  3. TYOjoe says:

    I love how Matt is on the verge of tears every time he’s talking about doing wholesome things with his friends.

    • Cris05 says:

      You can just tell he’s such a good-hearted person, who wants to share happiness and joy with everyone around him. Especially his loved ones

    • BassByTheBay says:

      Right?! It’s been clear for a long time that he is truly a softy underneath his ruthless DM exterior. 😊

  4. Maxord says:

    In everyone’s head when they talk about seating arrangements:
    (Anything but the Hurricane of Pain. Not Marisha. Not Marisha, Not Marisha.)
    Liam: “I accept death.”

  5. Ginny Di says:

    how fucking dARE you make me even more excited for the campaign 3 launch on Thursday?????? I didn’t even think that was POSSIBLE

  6. DeLucios says:

    “Where we are going to sit.”
    Just imagine, everone is going to be so confused, that somehow Sam managed to sit on the only place that’s going to be sure, where a certain someone is going to sit.

  7. Colm McGuinness Music says:

    I’d normally post something sarcastic, but I can’t even bring myself to do it, after seeing this. Congrats and best of luck to all of yis’ beauts!

  8. Riley Miller says:

    “I’m of the mind to ‘let them fight'” Matt says. I feel like whoever sits next to marisha is going to learn that personally lol. But also holy crap this is a dm’s wet dream looking at all this

  9. Jaira Thunggaltirta says:

    Laura: I don’t like sitting on the end seat.
    Travis: I like the end seat!
    That’s love, folks.

    • GahloWake says:

      Everybody else: I don’t care where I sit.
      Matt: Roll for seatnitiative!
      Sam: This seating arrangement brought you by Dwarv- nope, Flip this Bitch.

    • Richard Smith says:

      I get Travis, he’s a big dude lol. Having the end seat is the best place for him lol

  10. TheWolfchildalex says:

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate Marisha and everything she does? She has taken on so much responsibility with what happens behind the scenes and just kills it with every endeavor she sets her mind to.

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