Campaign Early Access | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Campaign Early Access | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Take a sneak peek at the #ModernWarfare2 campaign 👀

Digitally pre-order #ModernWarfare2 and play the #MWII campaign up to a week early beginning October 20th!

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40 Responses

  1. Call of Duty says:

    Who will we see playing #ModernWarfare2 during the campaign early access? 👀

  2. Squally says:

    Always excited for a new Campaign and this one looks amazing 🔥

  3. centiret says:

    This trailer is gorgeous. It shows style, class and confidence not to rely on overly attention grabbing elements. It delivers a tense feeling with the music and disjointed scenes and shows very briefly what the campaign is going to include. Well done!

  4. Ariel Borghi says:

    I love the idea of getting the campaign as an early access and not the multiplayer. We will get to enjoy it at is best

  5. Futives says:

    the lighting, colors, graphics, and details look insane 😮

  6. Haider Malik says:

    What I like is the fact that the cutscenes are actually in game rather than cinematic so every cutscene we’ve seen is made with the games original engine

    • Clawspy says:

      Just like the older MWs

    • Abnorth says:

      @Blunt Blows You remember when you blow up the battleship using a plane? That scene being pre-rendered made it so much less impactful.

    • Blunt Blows says:

      @Even Stevens Specifically the Blur Cinematics that were used in the last MW games before you start a mission. Major titles in recent years have used them. Side note, the way Vanguard used them made you feel like you were watching a movie cuz it seemed like they lasted forever

    • Even Stevens says:

      @Tyler Richardson They mean that there are likey pre rendered cinematics in the title as opposed to every cutscene being ran in real time.

    • Tyler Richardson says:

      @gamingvideos: playstation nation literally everything in games are computer generated images so I guess there is cgi but I don’t think anybody was questioning that

  7. Julia Red says:

    Modern Warfare 2 – the original, remastered, and reboot – never disappoints.

  8. Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X says:

    Modern Warfare story campaign has & always been my favourite to play through, the fantastic characters we truly love are right here. We all know every story on how they became Task Force 141. Truly one of the best story driving things I enjoy about Call of Duty.

  9. Mongo Bongo says:

    Man that shot at the end of the guy in the ghillie suit obviously brought back memories of All Ghillied Up. If they can create a stealth mission that comes close to that, or Vendetta. I’ll be happy af. Two of the greatest missions in CoD history

  10. The Abraham HD says:

    Graphics and ambient look amazing, hopefully multiplayer doesn’t disappoint. I already know single player is going to be fire as usual.

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