Cam’ron | Funk Flex | #Freestyle171

Cam’ron | Funk Flex | #Freestyle171

Cam’ron shows up to Funk Flex to drop some bars!

#FunkFlex #HOT97 #Camron


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30 Responses

  1. Hip Hop News Uncensored says:

    Killa 🔥🔥

  2. GRM Daily says:

    This is Camron in legend mode 🔥 just stand back and let him go off ⏸

  3. Doelow Da Pilotman says:

    Cam Got His Teeth Fixed And Went Back To 98 #FLIGHTZ

  4. Coven Noir says:

    That was REAL Rap. Cam took over the entire production set… Funk Flex was a guest at his own show.

  5. A Shade Darker says:

    The breath control, bar structure, and memorization is like riding a bike aint it Killa #FIREEEEEEEE

  6. Theologians Guild says:

    Best freestyle of 22. Throw the rest of year away. I seriously feel blessed to see this. Big Willy style. This KRS1 Legendary

  7. ThaLakrs says:

    Cam is so underrated bruh, always loved how he switches flows and witty metaphors, legend

  8. yungjus1 says:

    Cam has, and always will be, an Icon, and a pioneer, in Hip Hop as an art form period💯. His freestyles are always entertaining🗣👌🏾 period regardless of whether his style is your cup of tea or not. Rappers or Mc’s like him helped solidify Hip-Hop rap as an art form worthy of recognition 🎨🖼 once he is gone it will be a sad day indeed for the genre. Give the man his flowers now..⚘⚘⚘⚘💯

  9. rasman1876 says:

    Cam always rappin on the sickest beats!!! His bars are still incredible.

  10. MrMessyb says:

    Cam still got it. They don’t call him KILLA for nothing!! He straight murdered that beat 😩🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Jerry Kennedy says:

      @GuiltyUntil ProvenInnocent honestly, not a huge future fan. I’m more griselda, old and new lox, max releasing music from behind the wall that’s better than anything cam or Jim has done in recent years. Cam always a legend based off 20 years ago, but between that awful verzus performance and this mediocre “freestyle” it’s kinda sad and tough to defend him. I mean I genuinely feel bad, he’s obviously richer and has more fame clout than me but, all those yes men in his circle he’s got nobody to advise him to just stop? At this point cam is officially the old nigga on the block who although he made it and is rich, just has a bunch of old war stories no one cares about. His Flow low key weak and sleepy like he could use a espresso shot. At least he still better than Jim, at least he didn’t bring Juelz up there with his Eddie king from 5 heartbeats looking self smh…the set been going out sad for quite a few years now, when will it stop? At some point we gotta grow up and do better.

    • GuiltyUntil ProvenInnocent says:

      @Jerry Kennedy Trash? Go listen to Future then.

    • Sean Poe says:

      Hell no lol

    • Ed Hill says:

      He murdered that beat ? I got mad love for Cam but Stop it

    • Jerry Kennedy says:


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